50 Fitness Words That Start With E

Welcome back to our fitness vocabulary journey! Today we focus on words that start with the letter “E.” Whether you’re exercising at the gym, training at home, or seeking better well-being, the terms we’re covering will be both educational and practical. Let’s delve into the top 50 fitness words that start with “E” to broaden our understanding of physical fitness and health.

Fitness Words That Start With E

1. Elliptical

Short Definition: Low-impact cardio machine.

Usage: The elliptical is easy on the joints.

2. Endurance

Short Definition: Stamina over time or distance.

Usage: Endurance is key in long-distance running.

3. Eccentric

Short Definition: Lengthening phase of muscle contraction.

Usage: Eccentric movements prevent injury.

4. Exercise

Short Definition: Activity to improve physical fitness.

Usage: Regular exercise promotes health.

5. Electrolytes

Short Definition: Minerals aiding hydration and balance.

Usage: Electrolytes are lost during sweating.

6. Extension

Short Definition: Straightening a joint.

Usage: Leg extension targets the quads.

7. Energy Bar

Short Definition: Snack for a quick energy boost.

Usage: An energy bar sustains long workouts.


Short Definition: Every Minute On the Minute.

Usage: EMOM workouts are time-efficient.

9. Eccentric Load

Short Definition: Resistance during muscle lengthening.

Usage: Eccentric load enhances strength.

10. Elbow Plank

Short Definition: Plank on elbows and toes.

Usage: Elbow plank stabilizes the core.

11. Ergometer

Short Definition: Device measuring work or energy.

Usage: An ergometer gauges workout effectiveness.

12. Endorphins

Short Definition: Natural pain and stress relievers.

Usage: Endorphins are released during exercise.

13. EPOC

Short Definition: Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption.

Usage: EPOC boosts metabolism post-workout.

14. Explosive Power

Short Definition: Quick, intense bursts of energy.

Usage: Explosive power is vital in sprinting.

15. External Rotation

Short Definition: Outward twisting of a limb.

Usage: External rotation is used in rehab.

16. Elasticity

Short Definition: Ability of muscle to return to form.

Usage: Muscle elasticity decreases with age.

17. Equilibrium

Short Definition: State of physical balance.

Usage: Yoga improves equilibrium and posture.

18. Eccentric Training

Short Definition: Focus on the muscle-lengthening phase.

Usage: Eccentric training can build strength.

19. Engagement

Short Definition: Muscle activation during exercise.

Usage: Core engagement is crucial in Pilates.

20. Essential Fatty Acids

Short Definition: Fats necessary for health.

Usage: Essential fatty acids aid recovery.

21. Enzymes

Short Definition: Proteins aiding metabolic processes.

Usage: Enzymes help in nutrient absorption.

22. Estimation

Short Definition: Approximate calculation in fitness.

Usage: Calorie estimation guides diet plans.

23. Eccentric Contraction

Short Definition: Muscle lengthens under tension.

Usage: Eccentric contraction is in every lift.

24. Eccentric Phase

Short Definition: Lengthening phase in a lift.

Usage: The eccentric phase can build mass.

25. Ergogenic Aids

Short Definition: Substances for performance enhancement.

Usage: Ergogenic aids can be controversial.

26. Extension Exercise

Short Definition: Exercise involving limb straightening.

Usage: Extension exercises work opposing muscles.

27. Elastic Resistance

Short Definition: Resistance using elastic bands.

Usage: Elastic resistance is travel-friendly.

28. Energy Gel

Short Definition: Quick-absorbing carbohydrate gel.

Usage: Energy gel is useful in marathons.

29. Elevated Heart Rate

Short Definition: Increased heart rate from baseline.

Usage: Elevated heart rate indicates exertion.

30. External Load

Short Definition: Resistance from external sources.

Usage: External load can be weights or bands.

31. Eccentric Action

Short Definition: Lengthening of muscle under load.

Usage: Eccentric action occurs in deadlifts.

32. Exercise Ball

Short Definition: Inflatable ball for fitness.

Usage: An exercise ball improves stability.

33. Eccentric Overload

Short Definition: Excessive lengthening force.

Usage: Eccentric overload can cause soreness.

34. Exercise Physiology

Short Definition: Science of bodily response to exercise.

Usage: Exercise physiology guides trainers.

35. Enhanced Recovery

Short Definition: Techniques for post-exercise recovery.

Usage: Enhanced recovery uses various methods.

36. Endomorph

Short Definition: Body type prone to store fat.

Usage: Endomorphs need specific training plans.

37. Elevation Training

Short Definition: Training at high altitude.

Usage: Elevation training boosts endurance.

38. Exertion Level

Short Definition: Degree of effort in an activity.

Usage: Exertion level is subjective in fitness.

39. Exercise Intensity

Short Definition: Level of difficulty in exercise.

Usage: Exercise intensity should be progressive.

40. Energy Expenditure

Short Definition: Calories burned during activities.

Usage: Energy expenditure varies by exercise.

41. Ectomorph

Short Definition: Lean body type, fast metabolism.

Usage: Ectomorphs struggle to gain weight.

42. Exercise Set

Short Definition: Group of repetitions in training.

Usage: An exercise set can vary in reps.

43. Energy Balance

Short Definition: Calories in versus calories out.

Usage: Energy balance affects weight control.

44. Exercise Prescription

Short Definition: Customized workout plan.

Usage: An exercise prescription targets needs.

45. Eccentric Acceleration

Short Definition: Speed during the muscle-lengthening phase.

Usage: Eccentric acceleration affects muscle growth.

46. External Weights

Short Definition: Weights like dumbbells and plates.

Usage: External weights add resistance.

47. Ergonomic Design

Short Definition: Design focused on human efficiency.

Usage: Ergonomic design is in modern gyms.

48. Exercise Recovery

Short Definition: Period after workout for healing.

Usage: Exercise recovery is vital for growth.

49. Exercise Ratio

Short Definition: Work to rest ratio in sets.

Usage: Exercise ratio affects training results.

50. Elbow Extension

Short Definition: Straightening of the elbow joint.

Usage: Elbow extension is in push-ups.

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