50 Fitness Words That Start With H

Welcome to the latest post in our alphabet series focusing on fitness vocabulary! In this blog, we’re exploring words that start with the letter ‘H.’ From hamstrings to HIIT, understanding these terms will deepen your knowledge of fitness and exercise. So let’s hit the gym, mentally at least, and learn some ‘H’ words related to fitness.

Fitness Words That Start With H

1. Hamstrings

Short Definition: Muscles located at the back of your thighs.

Usage: Strong hamstrings contribute to sprinting speed.

2. Hypertrophy

Short Definition: Enlargement of muscles through exercise.

Usage: Consistent training leads to hypertrophy in muscles.

3. Heart Rate

Short Definition: The number of heartbeats per minute.

Usage: Monitoring your heart rate ensures safe workouts.


Short Definition: High-Intensity Interval Training; short bursts of extreme exercise.

Usage: HIIT workouts are popular for quick fat loss.

5. Hydration

Short Definition: The process of taking in fluids, particularly water.

Usage: For athletes, proper hydration is essential.

6. Hyperextension

Short Definition: Extending joints beyond their normal range.

Usage: Hyperextension can cause serious injuries.

7. Hatha Yoga

Short Definition: A style of yoga focusing on breath and posture.

Usage: Hatha yoga classes are excellent for beginners.

8. Handstand

Short Definition: Supporting the body vertically on one’s hands.

Usage: A handstand requires good core strength.

9. Hormones

Short Definition: Chemical messengers in the body affect various functions.

Usage: Hormones like cortisol and adrenaline affect workouts.

10. Heavy Lifting

Short Definition: Lifting weights that are challenging to move.

Usage: Heavy lifting builds muscle but requires rest.

11. Hack Squat

Short Definition: Squat variation using a hack squat machine.

Usage: Using a machine, the hack squat targets quads effectively.

12. Hyperplasia

Short Definition: Increase in number of muscle cells, less common than hypertrophy.

Usage: Unlike hypertrophy, hyperplasia isn’t as well understood.

13. Holistic Health

Short Definition: An approach considering mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Usage: Holistic health approaches complement traditional medicine.

14. Horizontal Push

Short Definition: Exercises that involve pushing the weight away horizontally.

Usage: Bench presses are a form of horizontal push.

15. Hand-Eye Coordination

Short Definition: The ability to coordinate visual input with hand movements.

Usage: Sports like tennis improve hand-eye coordination.

16. Hummus

Short Definition: A spread made from chickpeas, high in protein.

Usage: As a healthy snack, hummus offers good protein.

17. High-Carb

Short Definition: Diet rich in carbohydrates, often for energy.

Usage: Distance runners often follow a high-carb diet.

18. Hex Bar

Short Definition: A weightlifting bar in the shape of a hexagon.

Usage: The hex bar is used mainly for deadlifts.

19. Hypoxia

Short Definition: Lack of oxygen, which can occur during intense workouts.

Usage: During intense sessions, hypoxia can be a concern.

20. Health Metrics

Short Definition: Data points like BMI, heart rate, and cholesterol levels.

Usage: Doctors often assess health metrics for fitness advice.

21. Herbal Tea

Short Definition: A drink made from herbs, may offer health benefits.

Usage: For relaxation, many choose herbal tea over coffee.

22. Heel Drop

Short Definition: Exercise to stretch and strengthen the Achilles tendon.

Usage: The heel drop exercise helps prevent Achilles injuries.

23. Hip Abductors

Short Definition: Muscles that move the leg away from the body’s midline.

Usage: Strong hip abductors improve your running form.

24. Heat Therapy

Short Definition: Use of heat to relieve muscle pain or stiffness.

Usage: For muscle recovery, heat therapy is often recommended.

25. Hydrotherapy

Short Definition: Use of water to treat diseases or recover from exercise.

Usage: Some athletes prefer hydrotherapy for muscle recovery.

26. High-Impact

Short Definition: Exercise that involves both feet leaving the ground.

Usage: Activities like jumping jacks are high-impact exercises.

27. Hypercaloric

Short Definition: Diet with caloric intake exceeding expenditure.

Usage: A hypercaloric diet aids in muscle gain.

28. Hybrid Training

Short Definition: Combining different workout styles in a single regimen.

Usage: Hybrid training can include cardio and strength exercises.

29. Handgrip

Short Definition: The way one holds an object or equipment.

Usage: A strong handgrip is essential for deadlifts.

30. Hypotrophy

Short Definition: The opposite of hypertrophy; muscle shrinking.

Usage: Inactivity often leads to muscle hypotrophy.

31. Hill Sprints

Short Definition: Short, intense sprints uphill for cardio and power.

Usage: Hill sprints are great for building leg strength.

32. Halitosis

Short Definition: Medical term for bad breath, sometimes caused by diet.

Usage: Protein-rich diets can occasionally cause halitosis.

33. High-Protein

Short Definition: Diet or food rich in protein content.

Usage: Bodybuilders often follow a high-protein diet.

34. Hyperventilation

Short Definition: Rapid or deep breathing often due to exercise or anxiety.

Usage: Excessive cardio can sometimes lead to hyperventilation.

35. Horizontal Pull

Short Definition: Exercises involving pulling weight towards oneself horizontally.

Usage: Rowing exercises are a type of horizontal pull.

36. Homeostasis

Short Definition: State of internal equilibrium in biological systems.

Usage: After exercise, your body seeks homeostasis for recovery.

37. Hyponatremia

Short Definition: Abnormally low sodium levels, sometimes due to excessive water consumption.

Usage: Long-distance runners risk hyponatremia by overhydrating.

38. Hypoglycemia

Short Definition: Abnormally low blood sugar levels.

Usage: Diabetics should be monitored for hypoglycemia during exercise.

39. High-Fiber

Short Definition: Foods or diet rich in dietary fiber.

Usage: A high-fiber diet is good for digestion.

40. Heat Exhaustion

Short Definition: A heat-related illness due to body overheating.

Usage: Working out in hot weather can lead to heat exhaustion.

41. Hot Yoga

Short Definition: Yoga performed in a heated room for added intensity.

Usage: Hot yoga is intense but aids flexibility.

42. Hyperbaric Chamber

Short Definition: A chamber where air pressure is increased, used for recovery.

Usage: Some athletes use a hyperbaric chamber for quicker recovery.

43. Hack Lift

Short Definition: A deadlift variation where the barbell starts behind the legs.

Usage: The hack lift is an uncommon but effective exercise.

44. High-Fat

Short Definition: Diet or food that is rich in fats.

Usage: The ketogenic diet is a high-fat diet.

45. Hip Thrust

Short Definition: Glute exercise done with weights or body weight.

Usage: Hip thrust targets the glute muscles effectively.

46. Hamstring Curl

Short Definition: Exercise isolating the hamstring muscles.

Usage: The hamstring curl is done using a leg curl machine.

47. Holism

Short Definition: The philosophy that systems should be viewed as wholes, not just as a collection of parts.

Usage: In fitness, holism suggests a well-rounded approach.

48. Hydrostatic Weighing

Short Definition: A technique for measuring body composition using water displacement.

Usage: Hydrostatic weighing is a precise but complex method.

49. Hypoallergenic

Short Definition: Unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

Usage: Some fitness gear is made of hypoallergenic materials.

50. High-Intensity

Short Definition: Workouts that require a high level of effort or exertion.

Usage: High-intensity training is not for the faint-hearted.

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