Fawn Plural, What is the plural of Fawn?

Meaning: a young deer in its first year.

Singular and Plural of Fawn

Singular Plural
Fawn Fawns

Fawn as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The hiker spotted a fawn in the clearing.
  2. The fawn stood still, blending with the forest floor.
  3. The wildlife photographer captured the delicate beauty of the fawn.
  4. The park ranger rescued the injured fawn and nursed it back to health.
  5. The mother deer watched protectively over her newborn fawn.
  6. The hikers admired the graceful movements of the young fawn.
  7. The forest trails were occasionally visited by a curious fawn.
  8. The artist depicted a serene fawn in a nature painting.
  9. The park visitors marveled at the adorable fawn grazing in the meadow.
  10. The hunter admired the natural camouflage of the fawn.

Fawn as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The hikers were surrounded by a group of playful fawns.
  2. The wildlife documentary featured a herd of curious fawns.
  3. The photographers patiently waited for the timid fawns to approach.
  4. The nature reserve was home to many healthy and thriving fawns.
  5. The park visitors were delighted by the energetic antics of the young fawns.
  6. The conservationists monitored the population growth of the fawns.
  7. The forest was filled with the sounds of bleating fawns.
  8. The wildlife sanctuary provided a safe habitat for the vulnerable fawns.
  9. The researchers observed the social interactions within the fawn
  10. The forest floor was covered in delicate hoof prints left by the roaming fawns.\

Singular Possessive of Fawn

The singular possessive form of “Fawn” is “Fawn’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Fawn:

  1. The innocence in Fawn’s eyes was captivating.
  2. I witnessed the curiosity in Fawn’s behavior.
  3. The forest was Fawn’s natural habitat.
  4. Fawn’s playfulness brought joy to the surroundings.
  5. The photographer captured Fawn’s grace and elegance.
  6. The mother deer protected Fawn’s safety vigilantly.
  7. I spotted Fawn’s footprints in the dewy grass.
  8. The documentary highlighted Fawn’s survival instincts.
  9. Fawn’s vulnerability tugged at my heartstrings.
  10. The painting depicted the tranquility of Fawn’s existence.

Plural Possessive of Fawn

The plural possessive form of “Fawn” is “Fawns'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Fawn:

  1. The meadow was filled with multiple fawns’ playfulness.
  2. The wildlife reserve protected the habitats of various fawns’.
  3. The forest witnessed the growth of many fawns’.
  4. Fawns’ presence added beauty to the landscape.
  5. The researchers observed the behavior of different fawns’.
  6. The sanctuary cared for injured and orphaned fawns’.
  7. The park was home to a thriving population of fawns’.
  8. We should respect the natural instincts of wild fawns’.
  9. The project aimed to preserve the future of fawns’.
  10. The documentary explored the challenges faced by fawns’ in the wild.

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