Step Son Plural, What is the Plural of Step Son?

Meaning: a son of one’s husband or wife

Plural of Step son

Singular Plural
step son step sons

 Synonyms of Step son

  • step-father
  • stepfather
  • stepbrother
  • son-in-law
  • half-brother
  • great-uncle
  • brother-in-law

Step Son as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. My stepson loves playing video games.
  2. The stepson asked for a new bike for his birthday.
  3. Her stepson is studying medicine at university.
  4. The proud father watched his stepson perform on stage.
  5. The stepson helped his stepfather with household chores.
  6. His stepson excels in math and science subjects.
  7. The devoted mother always supports her stepson in his endeavors.
  8. The stepson inherited his stepmother’s artistic talent.
  9. The stepson accompanied his stepfather on a fishing trip.
  10. Our family vacation included the stepson and his wife.

Step Son as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Both stepsons have graduated from college.
  2. The proud parents attended their stepsons’ graduation ceremony.
  3. The two talented stepsons pursued careers in music.
  4. The supportive mother always encourages her stepsons to follow their dreams.
  5. The stepsons helped their stepfather build a new deck in the backyard.
  6. The two ambitious stepsons started their own business together.
  7. The stepsons inherited their stepmother’s love for cooking.
  8. The stepsons accompanied their stepfather on a cross-country road trip.
  9. The family gathering included the stepsons and their families.
  10. Both stepsons are happily married with children of their own.

Singular Possessive of Stepson

The Singular possessive form of “Stepson” is stepson’s.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of “Stepson”

  1. My stepson’s favorite toy is a robot.
  2. The teacher praised stepson’s artwork at school.
  3. We attended stepson’s graduation ceremony.
  4. I found stepson’s wallet on the kitchen counter.
  5. Stepson’s soccer team won the championship match.
  6. The doctor prescribed medication for stepson’s cold.
  7. We celebrated stepson’s birthday with a surprise party.
  8. I dropped off stepson’s backpack at his school.
  9. Stepson’s report card showed significant improvement.
  10. We took stepson’s dog for a walk in the park.

Plural Possessive of Stepson

The plural possessive form of “Stepson” is stepsons’.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of “Stepson”

  1. Both of my stepsons’ rooms are upstairs.
  2. We attended the stepsons’ piano recital last night.
  3. The teacher praised the stepsons’ academic achievements.
  4. We bought new bikes for the stepsons’ birthdays.
  5. The coach congratulated the stepsons’ basketball team.
  6. We are planning a family vacation with the stepsons’.
  7. The school organized a meeting for the stepsons’ parents.
  8. I found the stepsons’ baseball gloves in the garage.
  9. The doctor prescribed medication for the stepsons’ allergies.
  10. We celebrated the stepsons’ academic awards at dinner.

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