Torch Plural, What is the Plural of Torch?

Meaning: a portable battery-powered electric lamp

Singular and Plural of Torch

Singular Plural
torch torches

 Torch as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The adventurer held a flaming torch to light the dark cave.
  2. The Olympic runner carried the national flag and torch during the opening ceremony.
  3. The lighthouse keeper checked the functioning of the torch every evening.
  4. The scout used a torch to navigate through the dense forest.
  5. The ancient ruins were illuminated by the flickering flame of a torch.
  6. The knight raised his torch high, revealing the hidden passage.
  7. The explorer relied on the torch to find his way in the labyrinthine tunnels.
  8. The power outage forced us to rely on a torch for light.
  9. The emergency kit included a battery-powered torch for emergencies.
  10. The firefighter used a torch to cut through the metal wreckage.

Torch as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The protesters raised their torches high, demanding justice.
  2. The athletes passed the lit torches from one to another during the relay.
  3. The demonstrators carried burning torches as a symbol of their cause.
  4. The tribal ritual involved a procession with lit ceremonial torches.
  5. The crowd waved their illuminated torches in celebration.
  6. The medieval festival featured performances with fire-breathing torches.
  7. The bonfire was lit with a bundle of dried branches and torches.
  8. The historical reenactment included a scene with flaming torches.
  9. The villagers gathered around the village square, holding their homemade torches.
  10. The ancient tradition involved the lighting of a thousand torches to honor the gods.

Singular Possessive of Torch

The singular possessive form of “Torch” is “Torch’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Torch:

  1. Torch’s flame illuminated the dark room.
  2. I rely on Torch’s light to navigate through the forest.
  3. Torch’s purpose is to provide illumination in darkness.
  4. Torch’s handle offers a comfortable grip.
  5. The warmth of Torch’s flame is comforting.
  6. Torch’s size and weight make it portable.
  7. Torch’s fuel source determines its burn time.
  8. I appreciate the reliability of Torch’s functionality.
  9. Torch’s flickering light creates a mesmerizing ambiance.
  10. Torch’s use dates back to ancient civilizations.

Plural Possessive of Torch

The plural possessive form of “Torch” is “Torches'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Torch:

  1. Torches’ flames lit up the entire room.
  2. I carried multiple torches’ to illuminate the path.
  3. Torches’ purpose is to provide light in darkness.
  4. Torches’ handles offer a secure grip.
  5. The combined warmth of torches’ flames is comforting.
  6. Torches’ sizes and weights vary for different needs.
  7. Torches’ fuel sources determine their burn times.
  8. I appreciate the versatility of different torches’ functionalities.
  9. Torches’ flickering lights create a magical atmosphere.
  10. Torches’ usage spans across various cultures and time periods.

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