Woman Plural, What is the Plural of Woman?

Meaning: female human over young

Singular and Plural of Woman

Singular Plural
woman women

Woman as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The strong woman lifted the heavy box effortlessly.
  2. The courageous woman fought for equal rights.
  3. The determined woman pursued her dreams against all odds.
  4. The successful woman built her own business empire.
  5. The kind-hearted woman volunteered at the local shelter.
  6. The independent woman traveled the world on her own.
  7. The talented woman showcased her artwork in a gallery.
  8. The wise woman shared her wisdom with younger generations.
  9. The compassionate woman dedicated her life to helping others.
  10. The resilient woman overcame adversity and achieved success.

Woman as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The group of women gathered for a conference on empowerment.
  2. The women marched through the streets, demanding change.
  3. The courageous women fought for their rights throughout history.
  4. The successful women inspired future generations of female leaders.
  5. The kind-hearted women formed a support group for survivors.
  6. The independent women celebrated their freedom and autonomy.
  7. The talented women showcased their artwork in a joint exhibition.
  8. The wise women shared their collective knowledge with the community.
  9. The compassionate women dedicated their lives to humanitarian work.
  10. The resilient women supported each other through difficult times.

Singular Possessive of Woman 

The singular possessive form of “Woman” is “Woman’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Woman:

  1. Woman’s determination led her to achieve her goals.
  2. The beauty of the sunset reflected in woman’s eyes.
  3. Woman’s dress was elegant and stylish.
  4. The success of the business relied on woman’s leadership.
  5. The responsibilities fell on woman’s shoulders.
  6. Woman’s voice resonated through the auditorium.
  7. The crown symbolized woman’s position of authority.
  8. The artist captured woman’s essence in the painting.
  9. Woman’s wisdom inspired those around her.
  10. The room was adorned with woman’s personal belongings.

Plural Possessive of Woman 

The plural possessive form of “Woman” is “Women’s”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Woman:

  1. The achievements of the women’s rights movement were remarkable.
  2. The success of the company depended on the women’s collaboration.
  3. The conference celebrated the women’s contributions to society.
  4. The magazine showcased the stories of influential women’s lives.
  5. The collective effort of the women’s team led to victory.
  6. The gallery displayed the artworks of renowned women’s artists.
  7. The organization aimed to empower women’s voices.
  8. The event honored the achievements of women’s sports.
  9. The fashion show featured the designs of talented women’s designers.
  10. The book highlighted the struggles and triumphs of inspiring women’s lives.

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