Die Plural, What is the Plural of Die?

Meaning: (of a person, animal, or plant) stop living.

Plural of Die

Singular Plural
Die Dies


  • expire
  • perish
  • demise
  • depart
  • drop
  • succumb
  • conk
  • croak

Die as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The numbered sides of a die determine the outcome.
  2. He rolled the die and landed on a six.
  3. The game requires a pair of six-sided dice.
  4. The player shook the die in their hand.
  5. The board game includes multiple dice for each player.
  6. The die landed on a three, advancing the player’s token.
  7. The result of the die roll determined his move.
  8. She picked up the die and examined it closely.
  9. They were playing a game of chance with a twenty-sided die.
  10. He threw the die onto the board, hoping for a high number.

Die as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The players took turns rolling the dice.
  2. They used a set of colorful polyhedral dice for role-playing.
  3. She lost the game after a series of unlucky dice
  4. The group gathered around the table, waiting to roll the dice.
  5. The casino provided a variety of dice
  6. He accidentally dropped the dice, and they scattered on the floor.
  7. The rules explained how to interpret the rolled dice.
  8. They wagered their chips based on the outcome of the dice.
  9. The dice clattered loudly as they hit the table.
  10. She counted the dots on the rolled dice to determine the score.

Singular Possessive of Die

The singular possessive form of “Die” is “Die’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Die:

  1. The gambler clutched the die’s perfect edges.
  2. The magician used the die’s secret compartment for tricks.
  3. The game enthusiast polished the die’s surface for luck.
  4. The collector admired the craftsmanship of the die’s design.
  5. The player rolled the die’s numbered sides.
  6. The gambler believed in the die’s mystical properties.
  7. The archaeologist discovered an ancient die’s burial.
  8. The gambler bet on the die’s lucky number.
  9. The mathematician studied the probabilities of the die’s outcomes.
  10. The board game included a special edition die’s container.

Plural Possessive of Die

The plural possessive form of “Die” is “Dice’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Die:

  1. The gamblers bet with the dice’s random results.
  2. The game night featured a variety of dice’s sizes.
  3. The casino provided a velvet bag for the dice’s storage.
  4. The players rolled the dice’s colorful sides.
  5. The board game required multiple dice’s for gameplay.
  6. The gambler shook the dice’s container vigorously.
  7. The mathematician calculated the probabilities of the dice’s combinations.
  8. The game store sold a set of special edition dice’s.
  9. The gamblers debated the fairness of the dice’s outcomes.
  10. The magician performed tricks using the dice’s secret mechanism.

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