Armadillo Plural, What is the plural of Armadillo?

Meaning of Armadillo

The meaning of ARMADILLO is:  a nocturnal omnivorous mammal that has large claws for digging and a body covered in bony plates. Armadillos are native to the south central US and Central and South America.

Singular and Plural of Armadillo

The plural of Armadillo is armadillos.


Armadillo as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The armadillo curled up into a ball for protection.
  2. The biologist observed the nocturnal habits of the armadillo.
  3. The road sign warned drivers to watch out for crossing armadillos.
  4. The children were fascinated by the armored shell of the armadillo.
  5. The armadillo dug a burrow to seek shelter from predators.
  6. The zoo had an exhibit showcasing different species of armadillos.
  7. The Texan countryside was home to many wild armadillos.
  8. The armadillo used its strong claws to dig for food.
  9. The photographer captured a close-up of the armadillo in its natural habitat.
  10. The conservationist worked to protect the habitats of armadillos.

Armadillo as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The researchers studied the behaviors of multiple species of armadillos.
  2. The wildlife reserve provided a safe haven for endangered armadillos.
  3. The tourists spotted a family of armadillos during their nature hike.
  4. The park rangers educated visitors about the importance of preserving armadillos.
  5. The documentary highlighted the unique adaptations of various armadillos.
  6. The zoo exhibited a collection of different types of armadillos.
  7. The conservation organization launched a campaign to raise awareness about the decline of armadillos.
  8. The researchers tagged and tracked the movements of multiple armadillos.
  9. The nature enthusiasts marveled at the diversity of South American armadillos.
  10. The road signs cautioned drivers to watch out for migrating armadillos.

Singular Possessive of Armadillo: 

The singular possessive form of “Armadillo” is “Armadillo’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Armadillo:

  1. The biologist studied Armadillo’s behavior in the wild.
  2. Armadillo’s armor protects it from predators.
  3. The documentary highlighted Armadillo’s unique adaptations.
  4. The zookeeper fed Armadillo’s diet carefully.
  5. Armadillo’s burrow served as its shelter.
  6. The children were fascinated by Armadillo’s appearance.
  7. Armadillo’s claws help it dig for food.
  8. The artist depicted Armadillo’s features in the painting.
  9. The naturalist explained Armadillo’s role in the ecosystem.
  10. Armadillo’s habitat includes various regions.

Plural Possessive of Armadillo: 

The plural possessive form of “Armadillo” is “Armadillos'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Armadillo:

  1. The park is home to multiple Armadillos’ burrows.
  2. The researchers observed different Armadillos’ activities.
  3. The wildlife sanctuary protects endangered Armadillos’.
  4. Armadillos’ population is gradually increasing.
  5. The road signs warn drivers about Armadillos’ crossing.
  6. The conservationists work to preserve Armadillos’ habitats.
  7. Armadillos’ diet consists of insects and plants.
  8. The photographers captured images of playful Armadillos’.
  9. The region’s ecosystem relies on Armadillos’ ecological role.
  10. Armadillos’ nocturnal habits make them elusive.

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