Dinosaur Plural, What is the Plural of Dinosaur?

Meaning: a fossil reptile of the Mesozoic era, in many species reaching an enormous size.

Plural of Dinosaur

Singular Plural
Dinosaur Dinosaurs


  • archaic
  • antique
  • bygone
  • dated
  • dead
  • dead and gone
  • discarded
  • out-of-date
  • outmoded
  • anachronistic

Dinosaur as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The T-Rex was a fearsome dinosaur with sharp teeth.
  2. She had a toy dinosaur collection as a child.
  3. The museum showcased a life-sized dinosaur
  4. He dreamed of becoming a paleontologist and studying dinosaurs.
  5. The movie featured a realistic CGI dinosaur.
  6. The dinosaur roared loudly in the Jurassic Park scene.
  7. The little boy wore a dinosaur costume for Halloween.
  8. She read a book about different species of dinosaurs.
  9. The museum exhibit explained the extinction of the dinosaurs.
  10. The child pointed excitedly at the dinosaur

Dinosaur as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The children played with their toy dinosaurs in the sandbox.
  2. The museum had an impressive collection of fossilized dinosaurs.
  3. They watched a documentary about prehistoric dinosaurs.
  4. The park organized a guided tour of the ancient dinosaurs.
  5. The kids pretended to be explorers searching for hidden dinosaurs.
  6. She decorated her room with posters of various dinosaurs.
  7. The dinosaurs roamed freely in the movie’s CGI world.
  8. The book depicted colorful illustrations of the different dinosaurs.
  9. The museum offered interactive activities for children to learn about dinosaurs.
  10. They were fascinated by the footprints of ancient dinosaurs.

Singular Possessive of Dinosaur

The singular possessive form of “Dinosaur” is “Dinosaur’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Dinosaur:

  1. The dinosaur’s sharp teeth frightened the explorers.
  2. I studied the dinosaur’s fossil in the museum.
  3. The paleontologist discovered the dinosaur’s footprint.
  4. The scientist analyzed the dinosaur’s bone structure.
  5. The museum displayed the dinosaur’s skeleton for visitors.
  6. The artist painted a mural of the dinosaur’s habitat.
  7. The archaeologist found the dinosaur’s nest.
  8. We watched a documentary about the dinosaur’s extinction.
  9. The children enjoyed the dinosaur’s roar in the movie.
  10. The scientist examined the dinosaur’s DNA sample.

Plural Possessive of Dinosaur

The plural possessive form of “Dinosaur” is “Dinosaurs'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Dinosaur:

  1. The scientists studied the dinosaurs’ footprints in the sand.
  2. The explorers uncovered the dinosaurs’ fossilized eggs.
  3. The researchers analyzed the dinosaurs’ feeding habits.
  4. The museum displayed the dinosaurs’ skeletal remains.
  5. The paleontologists examined the dinosaurs’ tooth structure.
  6. The documentary discussed the dinosaurs’ evolutionary process.
  7. The children were amazed by the size of the dinosaurs’ footprints.
  8. The scientists discovered a new species among the dinosaurs’ remains.
  9. The museum curator organized an exhibition of the dinosaurs’ bones.
  10. The researchers published a paper on the dinosaurs’ migration patterns.

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