Decubitus Plural, What is the Plural of Decubitus?

Meaning: the posture adopted by a person who is lying down.

Plural of Decubitus

Singular Plural
Decubitus Decubiti

Synonyms of Decubitus

  • reclination
  • recumbency
  • accumbency
  • decumbency

Decubitus as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The patient developed a decubitus sore from prolonged immobility.
  2. The nurse assessed the size of the decubitus
  3. The doctor ordered a dressing change for the decubitus
  4. She experienced pain and discomfort from the decubitus
  5. The caregiver carefully cleaned the patient’s decubitus
  6. The medical staff used a special mattress to prevent decubitus
  7. The nurse applied a topical ointment to the decubitus
  8. The patient’s decubitus condition required frequent repositioning.
  9. The doctor recommended regular turning to prevent decubitus
  10. The nurse documented the progress of the decubitus

Decubitus as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The patient had multiple decubitus sores on their back.
  2. The nurse treated the patient’s severe decubitus
  3. The doctor prescribed antibiotics for the infected decubitus
  4. The caregiver monitored the healing process of the patient’s decubitus
  5. The medical team assessed the severity of the decubitus
  6. The nurse changed the dressings on the patient’s numerous decubitus
  7. The patient required specialized care for their extensive decubitus
  8. The doctor recommended surgical debridement for the advanced decubitus
  9. The nurse used a pressure-relieving mattress to prevent new decubitus
  10. The healthcare provider educated the family on preventing decubitus

Singular Possessive of Decubitus

The singular possessive form of “Decubitus” is “Decubitus’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Decubitus:

  1. The treatment for Decubitus’s severity depends on various factors.
  2. Decubitus’s prevention is crucial for bedridden patients.
  3. The nurse carefully examined Decubitus’s wound.
  4. The doctor explained the treatment plan for Decubitus’s healing.
  5. I read an article about Decubitus’s causes and symptoms.
  6. The patient’s family was concerned about Decubitus’s progression.
  7. The therapist recommended exercises for Decubitus’s relief.
  8. We discussed Decubitus’s management during the meeting.
  9. The nurse applied ointment to Decubitus’s sore.
  10. The caregiver monitored Decubitus’s condition closely.

Plural Possessive of Decubitus

The plural possessive form of “Decubitus” is “Decubitus'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Decubitus:

  1. The hospital implemented measures to prevent Decubitus’ development.
  2. The nurses assessed all patients’ Decubitus’ risk.
  3. The medical staff was trained in handling Decubitus’ cases.
  4. The caregiver’s guide provided tips for managing Decubitus’.
  5. The doctor explained the importance of treating Decubitus’ promptly.
  6. We discussed the best practices for preventing Decubitus’.
  7. The patient’s family was worried about Decubitus’ complications.
  8. The study focused on Decubitus’ impact on quality of life.
  9. The therapist recommended exercises for preventing Decubitus’.
  10. The nurses attended a workshop on Decubitus’ care.

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