Pencil Plural, What is the Plural of Pencil?

Pencil Plural, What is the Plural of Pencil?

Meaning: an instrument for writing or drawing

Singular and Plural of Pencil

Singular Plural
pencil pencils


encil as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He sharpened the pencil before starting to write.
  2. The artist sketched a portrait using a charcoal pencil.
  3. She made a quick note with a mechanical pencil.
  4. The student erased the mistake with a rubber-tipped pencil.
  5. The carpenter used a wood pencil to mark the measurements.
  6. He doodled absentmindedly with a ballpoint pencil.
  7. The teacher handed out a worksheet and a pencil to each student.
  8. She underlined the important points with a colored pencil.
  9. The architect drafted the initial design with a drafting pencil.
  10. They shaded the drawing using a soft graphite pencil.

Pencil as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They bought a set of colored pencils for the art class.
  2. The children exchanged their extra pencils during the exam.
  3. She organized her collection of mechanical pencils.
  4. The store stocked various types of writing pencils.
  5. They sharpened their pencils before the test.
  6. The artist used different grades of graphite pencils for shading.
  7. The classroom had a bin for used pencils.
  8. She shared her box of colored pencils with her friends.
  9. They bought packs of wooden pencils in bulk for the office.
  10. The teacher distributed fresh pencils to the students.

Singular Possessive of Pencil

The singular possessive form of “Pencil” is “Pencil’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Pencil:

  1. The tip of Pencil’s lead broke while writing.
  2. I admired the sharpness of Pencil’s point.
  3. The eraser on Pencil’s end was worn down.
  4. Pencil’s graphite left a dark mark on the paper.
  5. I sharpened Pencil’s wooden body with a sharpener.
  6. The grip on Pencil’s body provided comfort while writing.
  7. Pencil’s smooth glide made writing effortless.
  8. The texture of Pencil’s surface felt comfortable in my hand.
  9. I appreciated the precision of Pencil’s fine lines.
  10. Pencil’s presence on the desk reminded me to take notes.

Plural Possessive of Pencil

The plural possessive form of “Pencil” is “Pencils'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Pencil:

  1. The students’ desks were filled with Pencils’.
  2. The artists displayed their collection of Pencils’.
  3. The teacher distributed the Pencils’ to the students.
  4. The box contained various colors of Pencils’.
  5. The children shared their Pencils’ with each other.
  6. The sketchbooks were filled with the artists’ Pencils’ marks.
  7. The art supply store had a wide selection of Pencils’.
  8. The painters held their Pencils’ with a firm grip.
  9. The students organized their Pencils’ in a pencil case.
  10. The artists valued the quality of their Pencils’.

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