Host Plural, What is the plural of Host?

Meaning: a person who receives or entertains other people as guests.

Plural of Host

Singular Plural
Host Hosts

Host as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The host welcomed the guests with a warm smile.
  2. She acted as the gracious host of the dinner party.
  3. The talk show host engaged the audience with interesting questions.
  4. He prepared the house to receive the host of the event.
  5. The event’s host introduced the keynote speaker.
  6. The television host entertained viewers with humor and wit.
  7. She dressed elegantly as the evening’s host.
  8. The game show host guided the contestants through the challenges.
  9. The radio host shared the latest news and interviews.
  10. The award ceremony’s host kept the audience entertained throughout.

Host as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The event had multiple hosts who took turns on stage.
  2. They invited renowned hosts to moderate the panel discussions.
  3. The conference featured international hosts from different countries.
  4. He collaborated with other hosts to create a memorable experience.
  5. The organization selected experienced hosts to lead the event.
  6. They announced the lineup of celebrity hosts for the show.
  7. The talk show had rotating hosts with diverse backgrounds.
  8. She admired the skills of the professional hosts.
  9. The festival had local hosts who shared insights about the city.
  10. The party had enthusiastic and energetic hosts.

Singular Possessive of Host:

  1. The host’s invitation was sent out.
  2. We enjoyed the host’s warm hospitality.
  3. The party was held at the host’s house.
  4. I borrowed the host’s car for the weekend.
  5. The event was organized by the host’s team.
  6. The guests admired the host’s exquisite taste.
  7. The success of the event was credited to the host’s efforts.
  8. Everyone complimented the host’s elegant attire.
  9. The food prepared by the host’s chef was delicious.
  10. The attendees appreciated the host’s attention to detail.

Plural Possessive of Hosts:

  1. All of the hosts’ responsibilities were well-managed.
  2. The hosts’ speeches captivated the audience.
  3. The venue was decorated according to the hosts’ preferences.
  4. The guests mingled with the hosts’ friends and family.
  5. The event was made memorable by the hosts’ thoughtful gestures.
  6. The success of the party was a result of the hosts’ teamwork.
  7. The guests were impressed by the hosts’ warm welcome.
  8. The awards were presented by the hosts’ chosen celebrities.
  9. The attendees praised the hosts’ impeccable organizational skills.
  10. The donations were collected by the hosts’ dedicated volunteers.

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