Couple Plural, What is the plural of Couple?

Meaning: two people or things of the same sort considered together.

Plural of COUPLE

Singular Plural
Couple Couples


  • set
  • team
  • brace
  • dyad
  • item
  • couplet
  • deuce
  • doublet
  • duo

Couple as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The couple enjoyed a romantic dinner by candlelight.
  2. The couple held hands as they walked along the beach.
  3. The young couple went on a vacation to celebrate their anniversary.
  4. The couple exchanged heartfelt vows during the wedding ceremony.
  5. The couple snuggled under the blanket while watching a movie.
  6. The photographer captured a beautiful portrait of the couple.
  7. The couple danced gracefully together at the ballroom.
  8. The elderly couple shared a lifetime of memories and experiences.
  9. The couple decided to adopt a puppy as their new family member.
  10. The couple sat on the park bench, enjoying each other’s company.

Couple as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The engaged couples attended premarital counseling sessions.
  2. The couples enjoyed a weekend getaway at the beach resort.
  3. The dance floor was filled with happy couples dancing the night away.
  4. The couples gathered for a group photo during the family reunion.
  5. The travel agency offered special packages for honeymooning couples.
  6. The couples strolled hand in hand through the romantic city streets.
  7. The restaurant had cozy booths for intimate couples
  8. The park was a popular spot for couples to have picnics.
  9. The couples celebrated their love at the annual Valentine’s Day event.
  10. The vacation destination was known for its picturesque scenery, attracting couples from all over.

Singular Possessive of Couple

The singular possessive form of “Couple” is “Couple’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Couple:

  1. The couple’s anniversary is next week.
  2. The photographer captured the couple’s first dance.
  3. The counselor listened to the couple’s concerns.
  4. The waiter brought the couple’s meal.
  5. The artist painted the couple’s portrait.
  6. The lawyer handled the couple’s legal matters.
  7. The travel agent booked the couple’s honeymoon.
  8. The therapist helped the couple’s communication.
  9. The chef prepared the couple’s favorite dish.
  10. The friends celebrated the couple’s engagement.

Plural Possessive of Couple

The plural possessive form of “Couple” is “Couples'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Couple:

  1. The couples’ vacation photos were breathtaking.
  2. The friends admired the couples’ relationship.
  3. The wedding planner organized the couples’ receptions.
  4. The resort provided activities for the couples’ enjoyment.
  5. The therapist counseled the couples’ issues.
  6. The photographer captured the couples’ joy.
  7. The hotel offered special rates for the couples’ stay.
  8. The restaurant reserved a table for the couples’ anniversary.
  9. The tour guide showed the couples’ historical sites.
  10. The event coordinator managed the couples’ preferences.

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