Persona Plural, What is the Plural of Persona?

Persona Plural, What is the Plural of Persona?

Meaning: aspect of someone’s character

Singular and Plural of Persona

Singular Plural
persona personas

Persona as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences

  1. He created a strong and authoritative persona for his character.
  2. The artist adopted a mysterious and enigmatic persona.
  3. Her public persona is different from her private self.
  4. The politician carefully crafted a relatable persona.
  5. The actor transformed himself into the role’s persona.
  6. The author’s persona shines through the pages of the book.
  7. She projected an image of confidence and success in her persona.
  8. The rock star’s rebellious persona resonated with the audience.
  9. The comedian’s comedic persona was loved by many.
  10. The performer slipped into the persona of a clown.

Persona as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences

  1. The actors embraced their assigned personas with enthusiasm.
  2. The theater troupe portrayed different historical personas.
  3. The characters’ distinct personas added depth to the story.
  4. The artists created unique and memorable personas for their performance.
  5. The online game allows players to create customized virtual personas.
  6. The film explored the conflicting personas of its main character.
  7. The writer delved into the inner thoughts of his characters’ personas.
  8. The celebrities’ public personas often differ from their true selves.
  9. The students analyzed the literary personas in the novel.
  10. The show featured a diverse range of cultural personas.

Singular Possessive of Persona

The singular possessive form of “Persona” is “Persona’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Persona:

  1. The character’s costume reflected Persona’s personality.
  2. The writer was inspired by Persona’s experiences.
  3. Persona’s voice resonated throughout the auditorium.
  4. The painting captured Persona’s essence.
  5. The actor portrayed Persona’s emotions with intensity.
  6. The lyrics of the song expressed Persona’s inner thoughts.
  7. Persona’s mask revealed hidden emotions.
  8. The novel delved into Persona’s secret past.
  9. The photograph showcased Persona’s beauty and grace.
  10. The poem reflected Persona’s hopes and dreams.

Plural Possessive of Persona

The plural possessive form of “Persona” is “Personae’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Persona:

  1. The artists collaborated on Personae’s exhibition.
  2. The actors performed different Personae’s on stage.
  3. The dancers showcased their unique Personae’s during the show.
  4. The writers explored various Personae’s in their stories.
  5. The gallery displayed the collection of Personae’s.
  6. The masks represented different Personae’s in the play.
  7. The musicians expressed their individual Personae’s through music.
  8. The characters in the novel had distinct Personae’s.
  9. The photographs captured the essence of different Personae’s.
  10. The poets drew inspiration from multiple Personae’s.

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