Metastasis Plural, What is the Plural of Metastasis?

Meaning: a metastatic growth

Singular and Plural of Metastasis

Singular Plural
metastasis metastases

Metastasis as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The doctor discussed the possibility of metastasis with the patient.
  2. The PET scan revealed signs of metastasis in the lungs.
  3. The oncologist closely monitored the patient for any signs of metastasis.
  4. The primary tumor has not shown any signs of metastasis.
  5. The early detection of metastasis is crucial for effective treatment.
  6. The biopsy confirmed the presence of metastasis in the lymph nodes.
  7. The treatment plan aims to prevent the spread of metastasis.
  8. The patient’s prognosis depends on the extent of metastasis.
  9. The surgeon removed the affected lymph nodes to prevent metastasis.
  10. The chemotherapy is targeting the sites of metastasis.

Metastasis as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The patient underwent surgery to remove multiple metastases.
  2. The oncologist discussed the treatment options for the identified metastases.
  3. The MRI revealed the presence of multiple brain metastases.
  4. The PET scan detected metastases in several organs.
  5. The treatment plan includes radiation therapy to target the metastases.
  6. The patient is undergoing systemic treatment to halt the spread of metastases.
  7. The pathologist analyzed the biopsy samples for the presence of metastases.
  8. The prognosis worsened due to the rapid growth of the metastases.
  9. The medical team is monitoring the patient closely for new metastases.
  10. The patient’s response to treatment will determine the control of metastases.

Singular Possessive of Metastasis 

The singular possessive form of “Metastasis” is “Metastasis’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Metastasis:

  1. The metastasis’s progression was carefully monitored.
  2. The doctor explained the treatment options for the patient’s metastasis’s.
  3. The research focused on understanding the molecular basis of the metastasis’s spread.
  4. The surgeon successfully removed the tumor, including the metastasis’s.
  5. We discussed the impact of the metastasis’s on the patient’s prognosis.
  6. The oncologist studied the factors influencing the metastasis’s growth.
  7. The patient sought advice on managing the symptoms of the metastasis’s.
  8. The scientist discovered a new marker for identifying the metastasis’s.
  9. The patient’s family expressed concern about the metastasis’s impact on their loved one.
  10. The nurse provided support to the patient during their battle with the metastasis’s.

Plural Possessive of Metastasis 

The plural possessive form of “Metastasis” is “Metastases'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Metastasis:

  1. The various metastases’ locations were identified through imaging.
  2. The doctor discussed the treatment options for the patients’ metastases’.
  3. Researchers studied the genetic mutations associated with different metastases’.
  4. The radiologist detected multiple metastases’ in the patient’s body.
  5. The oncology team devised a plan to target the metastases’ with radiation.
  6. The patients shared their experiences living with multiple metastases’.
  7. The surgeon removed the primary tumor and all visible metastases’.
  8. The pathologist analyzed the characteristics of the different metastases’.
  9. The patients sought support from each other while battling their metastases’.
  10. The researcher investigated the factors influencing the growth of the metastases’.

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