Desk Plural, What is the Plural of Desk?

Meaning: a piece of furniture with a flat or sloping surface and typically with drawers.

Plural of Desk

Singular Plural
Desk Desks

Synonyms of Desk

  • counter
  • secretary
  • workspace
  • lecture
  • davenport
  • escritoire

Desk as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The antique desk in the study is beautifully crafted.
  2. She sat at the wooden desk and started working.
  3. The teacher placed the textbook on the desk.
  4. He kept his laptop on the corner of the desk.
  5. The receptionist greeted visitors from behind the reception desk.
  6. She organized her papers neatly on the desk.
  7. The office manager ordered a new ergonomic desk
  8. The executive had a spacious and elegant desk in his office.
  9. The student scribbled notes on the edge of the desk.
  10. The librarian helped locate a book from behind the reference desk.

Desk as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The company purchased new computer desks for the employees.
  2. The classroom was filled with rows of wooden desks.
  3. The office renovation included upgrading the old reception desks.
  4. The school provided adjustable height desks for students.
  5. They arranged the conference room with long conference desks.
  6. The furniture store offers a variety of office desks.
  7. The team shared a communal space with individual work desks.
  8. The designers customized the workstations with ergonomic desks.
  9. The computer lab had rows of empty computer desks.
  10. The office furniture catalog displayed different types of office desks.

Singular Possessive of Desk

The singular possessive form of “Desk” is “Desk’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Desk:

  1. Desk’s organization enhances productivity.
  2. I cleared Desk’s clutter to create a clean workspace.
  3. Desk’s surface was smooth and polished.
  4. The drawer contained Desk’s essential stationery.
  5. I personalized Desk’s decor with family photos.
  6. Desk’s design maximized efficiency and functionality.
  7. I appreciated Desk’s ergonomic features for comfort.
  8. Desk’s placement near the window provided natural light.
  9. The office assistant kept Desk’s tidy appearance.
  10. I relied on Desk’s stability for a sturdy workstation.

Plural Possessive of Desk

The plural possessive form of “Desk” is “Desks'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Desk:

  1. Desks’ arrangement in the office followed a specific layout.
  2. I enjoyed the spaciousness of the open-plan Desks’.
  3. The classroom had rows of neatly aligned Desks’.
  4. Desks’ surfaces were adorned with personal belongings.
  5. I appreciated the privacy dividers between Desks’.
  6. Desks’ storage compartments kept supplies organized.
  7. I customized Desks’ setups to suit individual preferences.
  8. Desks’ height could be adjusted for ergonomic comfort.
  9. The coworking space offered a variety of shared Desks’.
  10. Desks’ durability ensured long-term usability.

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