Canvas Plural, What is the Plural of Canvas?

Meaning: a strong, coarse unbleached cloth made from hemp.

Plural of Canvas


Synonyms of Canvas

  • tarp
  • tarpaulin
  • duck
  • fly
  • sailcloth

Canvas as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The artist painted a beautiful landscape on the canvas.
  2. She stretched the canvas tightly over the wooden frame.
  3. The painter mixed colors on the canvas to create a vibrant scene.
  4. The gallery showcased a collection of stunning canvases.
  5. The art student practiced sketching on a blank canvas.
  6. The sunflowers stood tall and vibrant on the canvas.
  7. The painter’s brush glided smoothly across the canvas.
  8. The art class provided each student with a blank canvas to express themselves.
  9. The museum displayed a variety of art styles on different-sized canvases.
  10. The artist signed their name in the corner of the canvas.

Canvas as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The art studio was filled with stretched canvases of various sizes.
  2. The painters worked on multiple canvases
  3. The exhibition featured a series of large-scale canvases.
  4. The art supply store stocked a wide range of canvases.
  5. The artists displayed their finished canvases in a gallery.
  6. The painters carefully primed the canvases before starting their artwork.
  7. The museum acquired a collection of historical canvases.
  8. The art students prepared their canvases for the upcoming exhibition.
  9. The workshop focused on different techniques for painting on canvases.
  10. The art teacher provided guidance as the students worked on their canvases.

Singular Possessive of Canvas

The singular possessive form of “Canvas” is “Canvas’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Canvas

  1. The texture of the canvas’s surface was rough.
  2. Canvas’s edge was adorned with intricate patterns.
  3. The colors on the canvas’s painting were vibrant.
  4. The artist’s signature was inscribed on the canvas’s corner.
  5. The light reflected off the canvas’s glossy finish.
  6. The size of the canvas’s frame was adjustable.
  7. The weight of the canvas’s roll was substantial.
  8. The clarity of the image on the canvas’s print was remarkable.
  9. The beauty of the landscape was captured on the canvas’s surface.
  10. The details of the subject stood out on the canvas’s background.

Plural Possessive of Canvas

The plural possessive form of “Canvas” is “Canvases'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Canvas

  1. The textures of the canvases’ surfaces varied.
  2. Canvases’ edges were adorned with unique patterns.
  3. The colors on the canvases’ paintings were diverse.
  4. The artists’ signatures were inscribed on the canvases’ corners.
  5. The lights reflected off the canvases’ glossy finishes.
  6. The sizes of the canvases’ frames were adjustable.
  7. The weights of the canvases’ rolls were substantial.
  8. The clarities of the images on the canvases’ prints were remarkable.
  9. The beauties of the landscapes were captured on the canvases’ surfaces.
  10. The details of the subjects stood out on the canvases’ backgrounds.

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