Entry Plural, What is the Plural of Entry?

Meaning: an act of going or coming in.

Plural of Entry

Singular Plural
Entry Entries


  • access
  • adit
  • approach
  • avenue
  • door
  • entrance
  • opening
  • passage

Entry as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The security guard checked his ID before granting entry.
  2. She completed the form to request entry into the competition.
  3. The VIP guests received special entry
  4. The bouncer denied him entry to the club.
  5. The museum charges an admission fee for entry.
  6. The border control officer stamped his passport for entry.
  7. The sign indicated the entry point for the hiking trail.
  8. The ticket served as his entry to the concert.

Entry as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The contest received numerous entries from talented artists.
  2. The entries for the writing competition showcased diverse perspectives.
  3. The school held a contest and displayed the best entries in the hallway.
  4. The event organizers reviewed the entries and selected the winners.
  5. The photography exhibition featured stunning entries from amateur and professional photographers.
  6. The panel of judges evaluated the creativity and originality of the entries.
  7. The literary magazine published selected entries from their writing contest.
  8. The students submitted their essay entries for the scholarship program.

Singular Possessive of Entry

The singular possessive form of “Entry” is “Entry’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Entry:

  1. The diary contains Entry’s personal thoughts.
  2. We should respect the privacy of Entry’s space.
  3. The computer records the user’s Entry’s time.
  4. Entry’s details are stored in the database.
  5. The logbook documents each visitor’s Entry’s information.
  6. The document highlights the importance of Entry’s accuracy.
  7. We should verify the authenticity of Entry’s source.
  8. The journal captures Entry’s significance in history.
  9. Entry’s relevance to the case is crucial.
  10. The memoir shares Entry’s experiences during the war.

Plural Possessive of Entry

The plural possessive form of “Entry” is “Entries'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Entry:

  1. The system stores multiple users’ Entries’ data.
  2. We should review all employees’ Entries’ before approving.
  3. The contest evaluates different participants’ Entries’.
  4. The competition judges various artists’ Entries’.
  5. The logbook records visitors’ Entries’ in chronological order.
  6. Entries’ quality will determine the winners.
  7. The committee reviews all applicants’ Entries’ thoroughly.
  8. We should analyze the different teams’ Entries’ for patterns.
  9. Entries’ timestamps provide valuable information.
  10. The book compiles famous writers’ Entries’ from their journals.

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