Rabbi Plural, What is the Plural of Rabbi?

Meaning: a Jewish scholar or teacher

Singular and Plural of Rabbi


Rabbi as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The rabbi delivered a powerful sermon at the synagogue.
  2. I sought guidance from the wise rabbi regarding a personal matter.
  3. The rabbi provided counseling and support to the community.
  4. The congregation respected and admired their beloved rabbi.
  5. The rabbi officiated the wedding ceremony with grace and dignity.
  6. The young boy aspired to become a rabbi in the future.
  7. The rabbi led the religious service with devotion and passion.
  8. The community sought the rabbi‘s advice on matters of faith.
  9. The rabbi conducted the Bar Mitzvah ceremony for the young boy.
  10. The rabbi‘s teachings inspired the congregation to live a righteous life.

Rabbi as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The conference brought together rabbis from different communities.
  2. The group of visiting rabbis conducted a workshop on Jewish traditions.
  3. The panel discussion featured a diverse group of renowned rabbis.
  4. The convention provided an opportunity for rabbis to network and collaborate.
  5. The congregation invited guest rabbis to deliver special lectures.
  6. The event honored the contributions of influential rabbis throughout history.
  7. The visiting rabbis shared their insights during the interfaith dialogue.
  8. The organization held a conference for aspiring rabbis and religious scholars.
  9. The synagogue welcomed guest rabbis to lead the Sabbath services.
  10. The book highlighted the unique perspectives of various rabbis on religious matters.

Singular Possessive of Rabbi 

The singular possessive form of “Rabbi” is “Rabbi’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Rabbi:

  1. The synagogue honored Rabbi’s dedication to the community.
  2. We listened attentively to Rabbi’s inspiring sermon.
  3. They sought Rabbi’s guidance during difficult times.
  4. The congregation appreciated Rabbi’s compassionate approach.
  5. Rabbi’s wisdom resonated with the listeners.
  6. We followed Rabbi’s teachings to lead a righteous life.
  7. The book highlighted Rabbi’s profound insights.
  8. They invited guests to Rabbi’s special lecture.
  9. The interview featured Rabbi’s thoughts on religious tolerance.
  10. We admired Rabbi’s commitment to interfaith dialogue.

Plural Possessive of Rabbi 

The plural possessive form of “Rabbi” is “Rabbis'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Rabbi:

  1. The conference brought together many respected rabbis’ perspectives.
  2. We consulted different rabbis’ opinions on the matter.
  3. They organized a panel discussion among various rabbis’.
  4. The book contained the writings of influential rabbis’.
  5. The synagogue displayed the rabbis’ portraits in the hallway.
  6. We attended a conference featuring prominent rabbis’ from around the world.
  7. They celebrated the contributions of the past rabbis’.
  8. The documentary explored the lives of famous rabbis’ throughout history.
  9. We studied the teachings of different rabbis’ to gain a broader understanding.
  10. The retreat provided a space for rabbis’ to connect and exchange ideas.

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