Temperature Plural, What is the Plural of Temperature?

Meaning: the degree or intensity of heat

Plural of Temperature

Singular Plural
temperature temperatures.

 Synonyms of Temperature

  • turning upside down
  • turning about
  • transposition
  • transposal
  • reverse
  • reversal
  • converse
  • contrary

Temperature as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The temperature outside was scorching hot.
  2. The nurse checked my temperature with a thermometer.
  3. I adjusted the thermostat to increase the room temperature.
  4. The temperature dropped significantly during the night.
  5. The meteorologist predicted a sudden rise in temperature.
  6. The doctor advised me to monitor my body temperature.
  7. I felt a chill as the temperature
  8. The weather app displayed the current temperature.
  9. I prefer to swim when the water temperature is warm.
  10. The heatwave caused the temperature to soar.

Temperature as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The temperatures in the desert can reach extreme levels.
  2. The scientists recorded daily temperatures for research purposes.
  3. The climate change led to fluctuating temperatures.
  4. The report analyzed the average annual temperatures.
  5. The heat index combines temperature and humidity to calculate human discomfort.
  6. The farmers monitored the soil temperatures for crop growth.
  7. The temperatures during winter can drop below freezing.
  8. The study focused on the rising ocean temperatures.
  9. The temperatures vary greatly between day and night in the desert.
  10. The app provides hourly updates on local temperatures.

Singular Possessive of Temperature

The singular possessive form of “Temperature” is “Temperature’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Temperature:

  1. The temperature’s sudden drop caught us off guard.
  2. I monitored the temperature’s fluctuations throughout the day.
  3. The scientist measured the temperature’s impact on the experiment.
  4. The weather report predicted a rise in the temperature’s tomorrow.
  5. The patient’s condition worsened due to the temperature’s effect.
  6. The temperature’s rise caused the ice to melt quickly.
  7. The thermometer displayed the temperature’s accurate reading.
  8. The temperature’s drop signaled the arrival of winter.
  9. The oven’s heat affected the temperature’s distribution in the kitchen.
  10. The temperature’s sensitivity affected the chemical reaction.

Plural Possessive of Temperature

The plural possessive form of “Temperature” is “Temperatures’.”

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Temperature:

  1. The weather forecast compared the temperatures’ highs and lows.
  2. The data analysis revealed the temperatures’ patterns over the month.
  3. The temperatures’ fluctuations affected the crop yield.
  4. The researchers studied the temperatures’ long-term trends.
  5. The HVAC system regulated the temperatures’ comfort levels.
  6. The temperatures’ extremes posed a risk to human health.
  7. The charts displayed the temperatures’ monthly averages.
  8. The climate change debate focused on the temperatures’ global impact.
  9. The store’s thermostat controlled the temperatures’ settings.
  10. The experiment analyzed the temperatures’ influence on the reaction rate.

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