Caribou Plural, What is the Plural of Caribou?

Meaning: a large North American reindeer.

Plural of Caribou

Singular Plural
Caribou Caribou

Synonyms of Caribou

  • crib
  • carrion
  • curious
  • cribber
  • crab
  • crabby
  • caring

Caribou as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The caribou gracefully crossed the icy river.
  2. The hunter quietly tracked the elusive caribou.
  3. The native tribes relied on the migration of the caribou.
  4. The researcher studied the behavior of the female caribou.
  5. The majestic caribou disappeared into the snow-covered forest.
  6. The caribou population declined due to habitat loss.
  7. The park ranger monitored the health of the migrating caribou.
  8. The photographer captured a stunning image of a running caribou.
  9. The caribou had adapted to survive in harsh Arctic conditions.
  10. The indigenous people celebrated the annual return of the caribou.

Caribou as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The herd of caribou moved across the tundra.
  2. The hunters tracked the migrating caribou.
  3. The scientists studied the social dynamics of the caribou
  4. The caribou herds played a vital role in the ecosystem.
  5. The indigenous cultures relied on the seasonal migration of caribou.
  6. The predators stalked the vulnerable caribou.
  7. The caribou populations faced threats from climate change.
  8. The tourists observed the large groups of migrating caribou.
  9. The biologists counted the number of newborn caribou.
  10. The caribou herds crossed vast distances during their migration.

Singular Possessive of Caribou

The singular possessive form of “Caribou” is “Caribou’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Caribou:

  1. The caribou’s antlers were majestic and fully grown.
  2. The photographer captured a close-up of the caribou’s eye.
  3. The Inuit tribe relied on the caribou’s meat for sustenance.
  4. The hunter admired the size of the caribou’s hoofprints.
  5. The scientist analyzed the caribou’s migration patterns.
  6. The predator stalked the caribou’s herd from a distance.
  7. The wildlife photographer spotted the caribou’s silhouette against the sunset.
  8. The indigenous people revered the caribou’s spirit and symbolism.
  9. The guide pointed out the caribou’s distinctive fur coloring.
  10. The winter coat of the caribou’s provided insulation in the Arctic.

Plural Possessive of Caribou

The plural possessive form of “Caribou” is “Caribou’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Caribou:

  1. The caribou’s migration route covers vast distances.
  2. The hunters tracked the caribou’s herds through the tundra.
  3. The indigenous tribes honored the caribou’s place in their culture.
  4. The researchers documented the caribou’s mating behaviors.
  5. The conservationists protected the caribou’s natural habitat.
  6. The Inuit relied on the caribou’s hides for clothing and shelter.
  7. The sightseers marveled at the caribou’s graceful movements.
  8. The biologist studied the caribou’s population dynamics.
  9. The photographers captured stunning images of the caribou’s migration.
  10. The documentary highlighted the caribou’s resilience in harsh conditions.

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