Vortex Plural, What is the Plural of Vortex?

Meaning: a whirling mass of fluid or air

Plural of Vortex

Singular Plural
vortex vortexes

Vortex as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The swimmer got caught in a dangerous vortex.
  2. The tornado formed a massive vortex of swirling winds.
  3. The water drained down the sink in a spiral vortex.
  4. The spaceship entered a swirling vortex in outer space.
  5. The vortex of emotions overwhelmed him.
  6. The storm created a powerful vortex that uprooted trees.
  7. The vortex of dust obscured visibility in the desert.
  8. The scientist studied the formation of a vortex in the lab.
  9. The surfer navigated the powerful vortex of the wave.
  10. The sinkhole formed a deep vortex that swallowed everything.

Vortex as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The tornadoes created multiple destructive vortices.
  2. The whirlpools formed swirling vortices in the water.
  3. The wind patterns created several small vortices.
  4. The hurricane’s outer bands spawned multiple vortices.
  5. The storm chasers observed several tornado vortices.
  6. The artist depicted the swirling vortices in her painting.
  7. The experiment produced multiple miniature vortices.
  8. The astronaut captured stunning images of space vortices.
  9. The whirlwind left a trail of debris in its vortices.
  10. The river’s rapids created turbulent vortices.

Singular Possessive of Vortex:

  1. The surfer navigated the vortex’s powerful waves skillfully.
  2. The meteorologist studied the vortex’s swirling patterns.
  3. The engineer designed a turbine to harness the vortex’s energy.
  4. The swimmer avoided the vortex’s dangerous pull.
  5. The pilot encountered the vortex’s turbulent winds.
  6. The scientist investigated the vortex’s formation mechanisms.
  7. The photographer captured the vortex’s mesmerizing spiral shape.
  8. The researcher simulated the vortex’s behavior in a laboratory.
  9. The storm chaser tracked the vortex’s movement across the sky.
  10. The diver explored the vortex’s depths with caution.

Plural Possessive of Vortex:

  1. The surfers navigated the vortices’ powerful waves skillfully.
  2. The meteorologists studied the vortices’ swirling patterns extensively.
  3. The engineers designed turbines to harness the vortices’ energies.
  4. The swimmers avoided the vortices’ dangerous pulls diligently.
  5. The pilots encountered the vortices’ turbulent winds during the flight.
  6. The scientists investigated the vortices’ formation mechanisms meticulously.
  7. The photographers captured the vortices’ mesmerizing spiral shapes beautifully.
  8. The researchers simulated the vortices’ behaviors in the laboratory rigorously.
  9. The storm chasers tracked the vortices’ movements across the sky relentlessly.
  10. The divers explored the vortices’ depths with caution and curiosity.

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