Cherry Plural, What is the Plural of Cherry?

Meaning of Cherry

The meaning of Cherry is a small, soft round stone fruit that is typically bright or dark red.

Singular and Plural of Cherry, Cherries in English

Singular Plural
Cherry Cherries

Synonyms of Cherry

  • blooming
  • cerise
  • claret
  • crimson
  • blushing
  • bright red
  • dark red
  • erubescent
  • incarnadine
  • reddish
  • rosy
  • rubescent
  • rubicund
  • ruddy

Cherry as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She picked a ripe, juicy cherry from the tree.
  2. The ice cream sundae was topped with a fresh cherry.
  3. The baker used a cherry filling for the pie.
  4. He enjoyed the sweet and tart flavor of the cherry.
  5. The fruit bowl was adorned with a vibrant red cherry.
  6. She carefully removed the pit from the ripe cherry.
  7. The smoothie was blended with fresh cherry.
  8. The market sold cherries in various sizes and shades of red.
  9. The cocktail was garnished with a maraschino cherry.
  10. The orchard was abundant with luscious cherries.

Cherry as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The basket was filled with plump, ripe cherries.
  2. They indulged in a bowl of fresh-picked cherries.
  3. The pastry was adorned with a cascade of sliced cherries.
  4. The pie recipe called for two cups of pitted cherries.
  5. The market offered a variety of sweet and sour cherries.
  6. She filled the jar with preserved cherries for winter.
  7. The farmer harvested a bountiful crop of cherries.
  8. The cherry tree blossomed with clusters of delicate white flowers.
  9. The dessert buffet featured an assortment of cherries-flavored treats.
  10. The jam was made from a blend of different types of cherries.

Singular Possessive of Cherry

The singular possessive form of “Cherry” is “Cherry’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Cherry:

  1. The sweetness of Cherry’s flavor delighted my taste buds.
  2. The tree’s branches were laden with ripe Cherry’s fruit.
  3. We enjoyed the shade under Cherry’s canopy.
  4. Cherry’s blossom filled the air with a delicate fragrance.
  5. The pie’s filling was made from fresh Cherry’s.
  6. We admired the vibrant red color of Cherry’s skin.
  7. The garden showcased different varieties of Cherry’s.
  8. The market offered a wide selection of Cherry’s.
  9. The dessert was topped with a dollop of whipped cream and a Cherry’s.
  10. The juice from the squeezed Cherry’s stained my fingers red.

Plural Possessive of Cherry

The plural possessive form of “Cherry” is “Cherries'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Cherry:

  1. The farmers harvested the ripe cherries’ from the orchard.
  2. The bowl was filled with a colorful assortment of cherries’.
  3. We enjoyed the sweet and tart flavors of the cherries’.
  4. The pie’s aroma filled the kitchen with the scent of baked cherries’.
  5. The jam was made from the crushed cherries’.
  6. The smoothie was garnished with a few fresh cherries’.
  7. The grove was known for its abundant yield of cherries’.
  8. The market offered a special deal on a pound of cherries’.
  9. The ice cream sundae was topped with a generous portion of cherries’.
  10. The chef used the cherries’ as a key ingredient in the sauce.

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