Spoon Plural, What is the Plural of Spoon?

Spoon Plural, What is the Plural of Spoon?

Meaning: an eating device consisting of a round bowl and a long handle

Singular and Plural of Spoon

Singular Plural
spoon spoons


Synonyms of Spoon

  • scoop
  • ladle
  • lade
  • dip
  • bucket

Spoon In Example Sentences

  • I used a spoon to eat the ice cream.
  • Do you have an extra spoon?
  • There are many types of spoons at our store

English has both singular and plural forms for nouns, pronouns, adjectives and verbs. Understanding when to use them correctly is an important part of mastering the language. This basic vocabulary short lesson is very useful for kids and beginners. We have discussed basic synonyms and their use in our daily routine conversational sentences.

Download here a complete list of singular and plurals in PDF.

Learning English is a challenging process for many people, but fortunately there are plenty of resources to help you along the way. One common grammar issue that ESL students struggle with is singulars and plurals. If your goal is to learn how to use these correctly in sentences, it can be helpful to keep this basic rule in mind- plural nouns have an “-s” added on the end!

Here is a detailed list of singular and plurals:

Singular Plural
corpse corpses
corps corps
corpus corpora
corn corns
cornea corneas
coral corals
conundrum conundra
continuum continua
context contexts
content contents
consortium consortiums
consensus consensus
conscious conscious
conscience consciences
congress congresses
confetti confettis
concrete concretes
concerto concertos
comrade comrades
computer computers


Singular Plural
compliance Compliances
complex complexes
competence competences
compass compasses
company companies
committee committees
comma commas
colossus colossi
color colors
colloquium colloquiums
collateral collaterals
coincidence coincidences
coffee coffees
code codes
coccus cocci
coach coaches
clutch clutches
cloud clouds
cloth cloths
clock clocks
clipper clippers
clay clays
citrus citruses
chrysalis chrysalides
christmas christmases
choose chooses
chocolate chocolates
chimney chimneys
chilli chillies
chile chiles
chick chicks
chicken chickens


Singular Plural
cherry Cherries
cheetah cheetahs
cheese cheeses
chassis chassises
change changes
chalk chalks
chair chairs
certificate certificates
cereal cereals
ceo ceos
century centuries
cattle cattles
cat cats
category categories
catch catches
catalyst catalysts
catalog catalogs
case case
carrot carrots
carry carries
cargo cargoes
cap caps
canvas canvases
cantaloupe cantaloupes