Agendum Plural, What is the plural of Agendum?

Meaning of Agendum

The meaning of Agendum is a list of items to be discussed at a formal meeting.

Singular and Plural of Agendum

The plural of Agendum is agendums.

Singular Plural
Agendum Agendums

Agendum as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The first agendum of the meeting was to review the budget.
  2. She highlighted the most urgent agendum for discussion.
  3. The chairman emphasized the importance of the main agendum.
  4. The team leader presented the key points of the agendum.
  5. The CEO addressed the top agendum during the board meeting.
  6. The conference focused on a single agendum: sustainability.
  7. The manager discussed the critical agendum for the project.
  8. They tackled the challenging agendum with a strategic approach.
  9. The participants engaged in a lively debate about the controversial agendum.
  10. The agenda included a time slot for each agendum.

Agendum as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The committee members discussed the various agenda.
  2. They prioritized the different agenda for the upcoming year.
  3. The participants raised their concerns about the proposed agenda.
  4. The stakeholders provided input on the future agenda.
  5. The board members had different perspectives on the organization’s agenda.
  6. The team brainstormed ideas for the next meeting’s agenda.
  7. The manager distributed the meeting agenda to all attendees.
  8. They reviewed the completed agenda for any missing items.
  9. The organization’s agenda was aligned with their long-term goals.
  10. The participants approved the final version of the agenda.

Singular Possessive of Agendum 

The singular possessive form of “Agendum” is “Agendum’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Agendum:

  1. The agendum’s importance was emphasized during the meeting.
  2. Can you remind me of the agendum’s deadline?
  3. The team discussed the agendum’s key objectives.
  4. The boss assigned the responsibility for the agendum’s completion.
  5. The meeting focused on the agendum’s primary topic.
  6. The agendum’s urgency required immediate attention.
  7. The presenter outlined the steps to achieve the agendum’s goals.
  8. The secretary recorded the decisions made regarding the agendum’s items.
  9. The team analyzed the potential obstacles to the agendum’s implementation.
  10. The success of the project depended on the completion of the agendum’s tasks.

Plural Possessive of Agendum 

The plural possessive form of “Agendum” is “Agenda’s”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Agendum:

  1. The team members presented their agenda’s key points.
  2. Can you distribute the agenda’s copies to all attendees?
  3. The meeting covered multiple agenda’s items.
  4. The chairman summarized the decisions made during the agenda’s discussions.
  5. The agenda’s topics ranged from marketing to finance.
  6. The participants engaged in lively debates about the agenda’s issues.
  7. The secretary recorded the outcomes of each agenda’s item.
  8. The board members approved the agenda’s proposed initiatives.
  9. The company reviewed the agenda’s progress at regular intervals.
  10. The completion of all agenda’s tasks was crucial for success.

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