Squash Plural, What is the Plural of Squash?

Meaning: a state of being squeezed

Plural of Squash

Singular Plural
squash squashes

Synonyms of Squash

  • trample
  • tamp down
  • stamp on
  • squeeze
  • smash
  • pulp
  • press
  • pound
  • mash
  • mangle
  • flatten
  • distort
  • crush
  • compress

Squash as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I played a friendly game of squash with a friend.
  2. The squash court was occupied by enthusiastic players.
  3. The ball bounced off the squash racquet with a thud.
  4. The game of squash requires agility and strategy.
  5. I enjoyed the challenge of playing squash against skilled opponents.
  6. The squash ball hit the back wall before the opponent could react.
  7. The squash match lasted for an intense hour.
  8. The sound of the squash ball hitting the floor echoed in the court.
  9. I practiced my technique for serving in squash.
  10. The squash racquet has a unique grip for better control.

Squash as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. We bought a variety of different squashes from the farmer’s market.
  2. The chef prepared a delicious soup using fresh squashes.
  3. The grocery store displayed a wide selection of seasonal squashes.
  4. The roasted squashes added a vibrant color to the dish.
  5. I enjoy experimenting with different recipes using various squashes.
  6. The squashes were harvested from the garden at peak ripeness.
  7. The recipe called for two medium-sized squashes.
  8. The dish was garnished with thinly sliced squashes for added visual appeal.
  9. I learned to make a creamy squash casserole using homegrown squashes.

Singular Possessive of Squash

The singular possessive form of “Squash” is “Squash’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Squash:

  1. I enjoy the taste of Squash’s flesh.
  2. Can I have Squash’s recipe for soup?
  3. Squash’s texture adds richness to the dish.
  4. The flavor of Squash’s roasted seeds is delicious.
  5. Squash’s vibrant color enhances the presentation.
  6. I appreciate Squash’s versatility in cooking.
  7. The dish is seasoned with Squash’s natural sweetness.
  8. Squash’s nutrients provide health benefits.
  9. The secret to the recipe lies in Squash’s selection.
  10. Squash’s aroma fills the kitchen.

Plural Possessive of Squash

The plural possessive form of “Squash” is “Squashes'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Squash:

  1. I love the variety of Squashes’ shapes and sizes.
  2. Can I try some of Squashes’ different flavors?
  3. Squashes’ colors brighten up the market.
  4. The recipe calls for different types of Squashes’.
  5. Squashes’ nutritional value is impressive.
  6. I enjoy experimenting with different Squashes’ recipes.
  7. The garden is filled with various Squashes’.
  8. Squashes’ versatility makes them suitable for many dishes.
  9. The taste of each Squashes’ is unique.
  10. Squashes’ aroma fills the room.

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