Agency Plural, What is the plural of Agency?

Meaning of Agency

The meaning of Agency is a business or organization providing a particular service on behalf of another business, person, or group.

Singular and Plural of Agency

The plural of Agency is Agencies.

Singular Plural
Agency Agencies

Agency as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The advertising agency created a captivating commercial.
  2. I contacted the travel agency to book my vacation.
  3. The government agency was responsible for issuing permits.
  4. The talent agency represented many famous actors.
  5. The detective worked for a private investigation agency.
  6. I hired a cleaning agency to tidy up my house.
  7. The publishing agency accepted my manuscript for publication.
  8. The social media agency managed our online marketing.
  9. The adoption agency helped connect families with children.
  10. The research agency conducted a study on climate change.

Agency as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The various agencies collaborated on the project.
  2. The government formed multiple agencies to address the crisis.
  3. The different advertising agencies competed for the client’s business.
  4. The security agencies worked together to ensure public safety.
  5. The intelligence agencies shared information to prevent terrorism.
  6. The environmental protection agencies enforced regulations.
  7. The healthcare agencies provided essential services to patients.
  8. The financial agencies monitored economic trends.
  9. The humanitarian agencies delivered aid to disaster-stricken regions.
  10. The educational agencies implemented reforms to improve schools.

Singular Possessive of Agency 

The singular possessive form of “Agency” is “Agency’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Agency:

  1. The agency’s mission was to promote environmental conservation.
  2. We contacted the agency’s representative for assistance.
  3. The agency’s office was located in the heart of the city.
  4. The agency’s logo featured a distinctive symbol.
  5. The agency’s website provided detailed information about their services.
  6. The agency’s director announced a new initiative.
  7. We were impressed by the agency’s professionalism and efficiency.
  8. The agency’s clients included several renowned companies.
  9. The agency’s recommendations were well-received by the board.
  10. The agency’s accomplishments were celebrated at the annual gala.

Plural Possessive of Agency 

The plural possessive form of “Agency” is “Agencies'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Agency:

  1. The agencies’ collaboration led to significant progress.
  2. We visited the agencies’ headquarters for a meeting.
  3. The agencies’ joint effort resulted in a successful campaign.
  4. The agencies’ representatives gathered for a conference.
  5. The agencies’ reports highlighted the current market trends.
  6. We appreciated the agencies’ commitment to excellence.
  7. The agencies’ clients were satisfied with the quality of service.
  8. The agencies’ expertise covered a wide range of industries.
  9. The agencies’ partnership brought forth innovative solutions.
  10. The agencies’ achievements were recognized with industry awards.

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