Absent Plural, What is the plural of Absent?

Meaning of Absent

The meaning of Absent is not present in a place, at an occasion, or as part of something.

Singular and Plural of Absent

The plural of Absent is Absents.

Singular Plural
Absent Absents

Absent as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. His absence was noticed by everyone at the party.
  2. The absent of evidence does not prove guilt.
  3. The student’s absent from class was unexcused.
  4. She felt a sense of absent in her life.
  5. The absent of sound made the room eerie.
  6. He realized the absent of his wallet too late.
  7. The feeling of absent overwhelmed her.
  8. His absent from work raised suspicions.
  9. The absent of rain caused a drought.
  10. The teacher marked her absent on the attendance sheet.

Absent as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The absent in the meeting were missed.
  2. Their absent during the event was unexpected.
  3. The students’ absent from school required a note.
  4. The absent of flowers in the garden was noticeable.
  5. The absent of applause indicated a lack of enthusiasm.
  6. The absent of ingredients made the recipe incomplete.
  7. His absent from the party was disappointing.
  8. The absent of customers affected the business.
  9. Their absent at the family gathering was regrettable.
  10. The absent of birdsong made the morning quiet.

Singular Possessive of Absent

  • Absent’s absence was unexpected.
  • Excuse Absent’s lack of attendance.
  • Determine Absent’s whereabouts.
  • Clarify Absent’s reason for not showing up.
  • Address the concerns raised by Absent’s supervisor.
  • Inform the teacher about Absent’s illness.
  • Absent’s name was not on the attendance list.
  • Absent’s desk remained empty during the meeting.
  • Request a report from Absent’s substitute.
  • Discuss Absent’s performance with the manager.

Plural Possessive of Absent

  • Absences’ impact on productivity is noticeable.
  • Address the patterns in Absences’ occurrences.
  • Determine the reasons behind the team’s Absences’.
  • Create a policy to manage employee Absences’.
  • Discuss the consequences of frequent Absences’.
  • Absences’ documentation is necessary for payroll.
  • The team struggled due to multiple Absences’.
  • Investigate the causes of excessive Absences’.
  • Implement strategies to reduce employee Absences’.
  • Absences’ impact on project timelines should be considered.

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