Two Plural, What is the plural of Two?

Meaning of Two

The meaning of Two is a number that is one more than one.

Singular and Plural of Two

The plural of two is twos.


Two as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I only have two left in stock.
  2. The two met secretly under the moonlight.
  3. The two were inseparable, like best friends.
  4. The two danced gracefully across the stage.
  5. There was a connection between the two that couldn’t be denied.
  6. The two laughed at the same joke simultaneously.
  7. The two embarked on a journey together.
  8. The two sat side by side, lost in conversation.
  9. The two were destined to be together.
  10. The two were the perfect match, like puzzle pieces.

Two as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The two of them are always seen together.
  2. The two were competing for the same prize.
  3. The two were engaged in a heated debate.
  4. The two made an impressive team.
  5. The two were caught in a compromising situation.
  6. The two joined forces to solve the mystery.
  7. The two had different opinions on the matter.
  8. The two were the last ones standing.
  9. The two worked tirelessly to complete the project.
  10. The two shared a secret that no one else knew.

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