3 Degrees of Sweaty, Comparative Degree of Sweaty, Superlative Degree of Sweaty

Meaning of Sweaty: exuding, soaked in, or inducing sweat.

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Sweaty

Comparative degree of Sweaty is sweatier, superlative degree of Sweaty is sweatiest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Sweaty sweatier sweatiest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Sweaty:

  • After a long workout, he was sweaty and tired.
  • The hiker’s face was covered in sweaty droplets of perspiration.
  • She wore a sweaty headband to keep her hair off her face.
  • The gym smelled of sweaty socks and exercise equipment.
  • He took a cold shower to cool down from his sweaty run.
  • The tennis player’s shirt was drenched in sweaty patches.
  • The intense workout left her feeling accomplished but sweaty.
  • The hot weather made everyone feel sweaty and sticky.
  • The marathon runner crossed the finish line feeling tired and sweaty.
  • The dance class was fun but left them feeling sweaty and energized.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Sweaty:

  • He was sweatier after the second set of exercises.
  • The hiker’s backpack was even sweatier on the uphill climb.
  • She felt sweatier after wearing the heavy costume for an hour.
  • The gym was sweatier than usual due to the high humidity.
  • He became sweatier as the workout became more intense.
  • The tennis player’s grip on the racket grew sweatier as the match went on.
  • The summer heat made everyone feel even sweatier than before.
  • The runner’s face was visibly sweatier after the final sprint.
  • The dance routine became sweatier as they added more challenging moves.
  • The hot yoga class left them feeling sweatier than they had expected.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Sweaty:

  • He was the sweatiest person in the gym after his workout.
  • The hiker’s clothes were the sweatiest among the group.
  • She felt like the sweatiest person in the room after the intense dance routine.
  • The sauna is the sweatiest place in the entire spa.
  • He became the sweatiest he had ever been during the marathon.
  • The tennis player’s towel was the sweatiest among all the players.
  • The heatwave made it the sweatiest summer in years.
  • The dance rehearsal made them the sweatiest they had ever been.
  • The basketball game was intense, and the players were the sweatiest they had ever been.
  • The heat and humidity made it the sweatiest day of the entire summer.

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