All Adjectives that Start with X

X marks the spot in this exhilarating expedition into adjectives that exclusively exhibit the letter ‘X’! Often overlooked, the ‘X’ serves as an exotic entrée into the English lexicon, exuding an aura of mystique.

In this lesson, you’ll encounter the top 30 ‘X’ adjectives, each explicated with a straightforward definition and a handy example.

As you extend your reading, you’ll also extract adjectives apt for depicting personas, alongside those that exalt positivity or echo shades of criticism. Ready for this lexical xanadu?

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Top 30 Adjectives That Start With X

Unravel the prime picks of ‘X’ adjectives:

1. Xanthic

Meaning: Yellow or yellowish.

Example: The sun cast a xanthic glow on the horizon.

2. Xanthous

Meaning: Yellow or yellowish in color.

Example: Her xanthous dress was bright and eye-catching.

3. Xenial

Meaning: Hospitable, especially to strangers or foreigners.

Example: The villagers were xenial to the lost travelers.

4. Xenophobic

Meaning: Having an irrational fear or distrust of foreigners.

Example: His xenophobic tendencies made him avoid foreign cuisines.

5. Xerophilous

Meaning: Able to withstand dry conditions.

Example: The cactus is a xerophilous plant.

6. Xerotic

Meaning: Dry; relating to xerosis (dryness of skin, eyes).

Example: Her skin felt xerotic due to the harsh winter.

7. Xiphoid

Meaning: Shaped like a sword.

Example: The xiphoid design of the knife was both functional and decorative.

8. Xoanon

Meaning: Relating to an ancient carved idol.

Example: The xoanon statue was discovered in the old temple.

9. X-rated

Meaning: Suitable only for adults, typically due to sexual content.

Example: The movie was x-rated due to its explicit scenes.

10. Xylotomous

Meaning: Capable of wood cutting or wood-boring.

Example: The xylotomous beetles damaged our wooden furniture.

11. Xyloid

Meaning: Resembling wood; wooden.

Example: The sculpture, though made of metal, had a xyloid appearance.

12. Xylophilous

Meaning: Loving or living in wood.

Example: Xylophilous fungi are often found in old trees.

13. Xylophagous

Meaning: Feeding on wood.

Example: Termites are xylophagous insects.

14. Xylotomist

Meaning: One who cuts or dissects wood.

Example: As a xylotomist, he was adept at crafting wooden sculptures.

15. Xylophonic

Meaning: Relating to the xylophone.

Example: The xylophonic tones echoed through the concert hall.

16. Xerarch

Meaning: Originating in a dry habitat.

Example: The cacti are xerarch plants by nature.

17. Xerophilic

Meaning: Thriving in a dry environment.

Example: Desert plants are typically xerophilic.

18. Xenogenetic

Meaning: Having foreign origin, especially referring to genes.

Example: The xenogenetic material puzzled the scientists.

19. Xenolithic

Meaning: A foreign fragment in rock.

Example: The xenolithic samples provided insight into the Earth’s mantle.

20. Xanthophyllous

Meaning: Containing yellow pigments.

Example: The leaves are xanthophyllous in the fall.

21. Xenomorphic

Meaning: Having an irregular form.

Example: The crystal had a xenomorphic structure.

22. Xiphophyllous

Meaning: Having sword-shaped leaves.

Example: The xiphophyllous plant was a unique addition to his garden.

23. Xanthochroid

Meaning: Having fair hair and a light complexion.

Example: The portrait depicted a xanthochroid woman.

24. Xanthocarpous

Meaning: Having yellow fruit.

Example: The xanthocarpous tree was laden with golden apples.

25. Xerocopy

Meaning: A copy made to be dry and not easily smudged.

Example: The document was a xerocopy and therefore resistant to water.

26. Xanthodontous

Meaning: Having yellow teeth.

Example: The old lion was xanthodontous.

27. Xerophil

Meaning: An organism adapted to dry environments.

Example: The camel is a well-known xerophil.

28. Xylotrophic

Meaning: Wood-eating or wood-decomposing.

Example: Certain fungi are xylotrophic.

29. Xeniality

Meaning: The quality of being hospitable.

Example: The town was known for its xeniality.

30. Xylanthrax

Meaning: Wood coal.

Example: The furnace was powered by xylanthrax.

Adjectives that Start with X to Describe a Person

Here all the important adjectives are listed. It involves both positive and negative adjectives to describe a person.

  1. Xenial (friendly, especially to strangers)
  2. Xenophobic (fearing or disliking foreigners)
  3. Xanthochroid (having fair hair and a light complexion)
  4. Xanthodontous (having yellow teeth)
  5. Xerophilic (preferring or adapted to dry conditions)
  6. Xylophilous (loving or living in wood, metaphorically can describe a nature-loving person)
  7. Xerotic (having dry skin)

Positive Adjectives That Start With X

Some common positive adjectives that are commonly used in English are:

  1. Xenobiotic
  2. Xenocracy
  3. Xenodiagnosis
  4. Xenodochial
  5. Xenodochium
  6. Xenogamy
  7. Xenogeneic
  8. Xenogenesis
  9. Xenogenic
  10. Xenogenous
  11. Xenoglossia
  12. Xenolalia
  13. Xenolith
  14. Xenolithic
  15. Xenomancy
  16. Xenomenia
  17. Xenomorphic
  18. Xenophilia
  19. Xenophobia
  20. Xenophobic

Negative Adjectives That Start With X

Some common negative adjectives that are commonly used in English are:

  1. Xenops
  2. Xenotropic
  3. Xenurine
  4. Xeransis
  5. Xerarch
  6. Xerasia
  7. Xeric
  8. Xerocopy
  9. Xerodermia
  10. Xerographic
  11. Xerography
  12. Xerophagy
  13. Xerophilous
  14. Xerophily
  15. Xerophobous
  16. Xerophthalmia
  17. Xerophthalmic
  18. Xerophytic
  19. Xeroradiography
  20. Xerosis

positive adjectives that start with x adjectives that start with x to describe a person

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