3 Degrees of Strong, Comparative Degree of Strong, Superlative Degree of Strong

Meaning of Strong: able to withstand force, pressure, or wear.

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Strong

Comparative degree of Strong is stronger, superlative degree of Strong is strongest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Strong stronger strongest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Strong:

  • He is strong enough to lift heavy weights.
  • The athlete displayed strong determination to win the race.
  • The team showed a strong performance in the match.
  • Her argument was backed by strong evidence.
  • The coffee had a strong aroma that filled the room.
  • She possesses a strong work ethic and is very dedicated.
  • The medicine has a strong effect on reducing pain.
  • He has a strong personality that commands attention.
  • The building is constructed with strong materials.
  • The leader provided strong guidance and direction to the team.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Strong:

  • He is stronger than his opponent in the wrestling match.
  • The second candidate had a stronger argument than the first.
  • She showed a stronger performance in her second attempt.
  • The new design is stronger and more durable than the previous one.
  • The storm grew stronger as it moved closer to the coast.
  • His voice became stronger as he gained confidence.
  • The team’s defense is stronger this season compared to last year.
  • The athlete demonstrated a stronger technique in the high jump.
  • The coffee from the new cafĂ© tastes stronger than the old one.
  • He has become stronger after going through intense training.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Strong:

  • He is the strongest man in the weightlifting competition.
  • The professor is known for his strongest research in the field.
  • She gave the strongest performance among all the contestants.
  • The hurricane was the strongest recorded in decades.
  • The medicine has the strongest effect when taken in the recommended dosage.
  • The bond between them is the strongest among all friendships.
  • The team’s chemistry is the strongest it has ever been.
  • He has the strongest willpower to overcome any obstacle.
  • The bridge is built to withstand the strongest earthquakes.
  • The lion is considered the strongest animal in the jungle.

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