25 Adjectives Sentences, Common Adjectives Examples

25 Adjectives Sentences, Common Adjectives Examples

25 adjective sentences

Do you want to improve your English skills? In this blog post, you will learn 25 adjectives in English with example sentences. This is a great way to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation.

Below are 25 sentences with adjectives in bold:

1) The beautiful sun was setting in the sky.

2) The new car is very fast.

3) He is a very kind person.

4) This soup is very hot.

5) America is a big country.

6) I have a small dog.

7) Her house is very old.

8) The shirt is too tight.

9) I am very tired.

10) It’s very cold outside.

11) The room is very small.

12) The party was very fun.

13) I am not very happy today.

14) His speech was very boring.

15) The project is very difficult.

16) I am very thirsty.

17) She is very pretty.

18) The concert was very loud.

19) The movie was very sad.

20) I am very happy today.

21) That dress is very pretty.

22) The book is very interesting.

23) The pen is very cheap.

24) The table is very big.

25) The chair is very small.