3 Degrees of Slow, Comparative Degree of Slow, Superlative Degree of Slow

Meaning of Slow: moving or operating, or designed to do so

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Slow

Comparative degree of Slow is slower, superlative degree of Slow is slowest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Slow slower slowest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Slow:

  • The slow turtle crossed the finish line.
  • She walked at a slow pace.
  • The snail moved at a slow and steady pace.
  • He typed at a slow speed on the keyboard.
  • The traffic moved slowly during rush hour.
  • The sloth climbed the tree at a slow pace.
  • The internet connection was slow and frustrating.
  • The movie had a slow start but picked up later.
  • The old man moved with a slow and deliberate stride.
  • The tortoise won the race by being slow and steady.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Slow:

  • The turtle is slower than the rabbit.
  • She walked slower than her friends.
  • The snail moved slower than the ants.
  • He typed slower than his co-worker.
  • The traffic moved slower than usual today.
  • The sloth climbed the tree slower than expected.
  • The internet connection was slower than I anticipated.
  • The movie started slower than I thought it would.
  • The old man moved slower than the young athletes.
  • The tortoise was slower but more determined.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Slow:

  • The turtle is the slowest creature in the race.
  • She walked the slowest among her friends.
  • The snail moved the slowest of all the insects.
  • He typed the slowest among his colleagues.
  • The traffic moved the slowest during heavy rain.
  • The sloth climbed the tree the slowest of all.
  • The internet connection was the slowest I’ve ever experienced.
  • The movie had the slowest opening scene.
  • The old man moved the slowest among the crowd.
  • The tortoise was the slowest but most determined of all.

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