3 Degrees of Rough, Comparative Degree of Rough, Superlative Degree of Rough

Meaning of Rough: having an uneven or irregular surface

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Rough

Comparative degree of Rough is rougher, superlative degree of Rough is roughest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Rough rougher roughest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Rough:

  • He used a rough towel to dry his hands.
  • The cat’s rough tongue felt scratchy against my skin.
  • She wore a pair of rough jeans for a casual look.
  • The hiker’s hands became rough after climbing the rocky terrain.
  • The carpenter used a rough sandpaper to smooth out the wood.
  • The rough surface of the road caused a bumpy ride.
  • He had a rough beard that felt prickly when he kissed her cheek.
  • The painter used a rough brush to create texture in the artwork.
  • The fabric of the couch was rough and uncomfortable to sit on.
  • The waves crashed against the rough cliffs of the coastline.

Example Using Comparative Degree Of Rough:

  • The sandpaper with a higher grit was rougher than the finer one.
  • The older baseball glove felt rougher than the new one.
  • Her voice sounded rougher after cheering loudly at the concert.
  • The rougher side of the sponge was used to scrub stubborn stains.
  • The road became rougher as we ventured deeper into the mountains.
  • The puppy’s fur felt rougher than the soft fur of the kitten.
  • The winter wind was rougher on the coast than inland.
  • The edges of the broken glass were rougher and more jagged.
  • The rougher sand on the beach made it challenging to walk barefoot.
  • The chef used a rougher grater to shred the cheese.

Example Using Superlative Degree Of Rough:

  • The sandpaper with the highest grit was the roughest of them all.
  • After climbing the mountain, his hands were the roughest they had ever been.
  • The storm brought the roughest seas we had ever encountered.
  • The cat’s tongue was the roughest of all the pets we owned.
  • The roughest road in the region was known for causing flat tires.
  • The roughest fabric was used to make durable work pants.
  • The winter wind on the mountain peak was the roughest of all.
  • The roughest part of the hiking trail required careful navigation.
  • The bark of the tree was the roughest texture we felt.
  • The contractor used the roughest sandpaper to smooth out the wood surface.

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