3 Degrees of Nasty, Comparative Degree of Nasty, Superlative Degree of Nasty

Meaning of Nasty: very bad or unpleasant.

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Nasty

The comparative degree of Nasty is the nastier, superlative degree of Nasty is the nastiest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Nasty nastier nastiest

Examples Using Positive Degree Of Nasty:

  • The nasty smell in the room made me gag.
  • The comedian’s jokes were funny but nasty.
  • She gave me a nasty look after I bumped into her.
  • The food at the restaurant tasted nasty.
  • The politician made some nasty comments about his opponent.
  • The dog left a nasty surprise on the carpet.
  • The kids got into a nasty argument over the toy.
  • The weather took a nasty turn with heavy rain.
  • He had a nasty scar from his recent accident.
  • The boss gave his employees a nasty ultimatum.

Examples Using Comparative Degree Of Nasty:

  • The coffee tasted worse, but this one is nastier.
  • The storm last night was even nastier than the previous one.
  • The fight between the siblings got nastier as it progressed.
  • The movie was better, but the book’s ending was nastier.
  • The flu I had last year was mild, but this one is nastier.
  • The traffic today is nastier than usual.
  • The teacher’s criticism was harsh, but the principal’s was nastier.
  • The war in the neighboring country grew nastier with each passing day.
  • The taste of the medicine is always nastier than I expect.
  • The competition among the contestants became nastier during the final round.

Examples Using Superlative Degree Of Nasty:

  • That was the nastiest thing I’ve ever tasted.
  • The storm last night was the nastiest in years.
  • The argument between them turned into the nastiest shouting match.
  • This restaurant has the nastiest food in town.
  • He has the nastiest temper of anyone I know.
  • The public scandal was the nastiest in recent history.
  • The wound on his leg was the nastiest the doctor had seen.
  • The traffic during rush hour is the nastiest in the city.
  • The divorce proceedings turned into the nastiest legal battle.
  • The comment section of that article is the nastiest I’ve ever seen.

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