3 Degrees of Thirsty, Comparative Degree of Thirsty, Superlative Degree of Thirsty

Meaning of Thirsty: feeling a need to drink.

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Thirsty

Comparative degree of Thirsty is thirstier, superlative degree of Thirsty is thirstiest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Thirsty thirstier thirstiest

Example Sentences Using Positive Degree of Thirsty:

  1. I am thirsty after playing basketball for hours.
  2. She drank a glass of water when she felt thirsty.
  3. The hot weather made me feel thirsty all the time.
  4. He quenched his thirsty throat with a refreshing soda.
  5. After a long hike, the hikers were thirsty for water.
  6. The intense workout left me feeling thirsty and exhausted.
  7. The sight of the cool, sparkling water made me thirsty.
  8. The dry desert air made everyone feel thirsty.
  9. I took a long sip of the icy lemonade to satisfy my thirsty mouth.
  10. The salty snacks made me even more thirsty.

Example Sentences Using Comparative Degree of Thirsty:

  1. I am thirstier today than I was yesterday.
  2. She felt thirstier after running than after walking.
  3. He became thirstier as the day grew hotter.
  4. The longer she ran, the thirstier she became.
  5. The athletes were all getting thirstier as the race progressed.
  6. I am feeling thirstier than ever before.
  7. After the intense workout, he was much thirstier than usual.
  8. The heatwave made everyone feel even thirstier than usual.
  9. As the marathon continued, the runners grew thirstier.
  10. The spicy food made me feel even thirstier.

Example Sentences Using Superlative Degree of Thirsty:

  1. After running the marathon, I was the thirstiest I had ever been.
  2. She was the thirstiest person in the room after her workout.
  3. The scorching heat made me the thirstiest I had ever felt.
  4. After hours of hiking, they were the thirstiest group in the park.
  5. The long bike ride left him the thirstiest he had ever been.
  6. The intense workout made me the thirstiest person in the gym.
  7. I drank so much water that I became the thirstiest person in the party.
  8. The sweltering temperature made everyone the thirstiest they had ever been.
  9. The long race left the runners the thirstiest they had ever felt.
  10. The spicy food made me the thirstiest person at the table.

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