3 Degrees of Blue, Comparative Degree of Blue, Superlative Degree of Blue

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Blue

Comparative degree of blue is bluer and Superlative degree of blue is bluest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for blue.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Blue bluer bluest

Examples Using Positive Degree of blue:

  • The blue sky is clear and beautiful.
  • She wore a blue dress to the party.
  • The artist painted a blue ocean scene.
  • The newborn baby has bright blue eyes.
  • The flag of that country has a blue stripe.
  • He bought a new blue car yesterday.
  • The flower vase on the table is blue.
  • The clear lake reflected the blue sky.
  • The team’s jerseys are all blue and white.
  • I love the vibrant shade of blue in this painting.

Example Using Comparative Degree of blue:

  • The ocean appears even bluer in the morning.
  • Her eyes are bluer than the summer sky.
  • The sky in the picture looks bluer than reality.
  • The new dress is bluer than her old one.
  • The painting’s shades of blue are getting bluer.
  • The blueberries in this batch are bluer and juicier.
  • The watercolor painting has a bluer hue.
  • The car’s metallic paint makes it look bluer.
  • His eyes look bluer when he wears a certain shirt.
  • The ice cubes have a bluer tint in the sunlight.

Example Using Superlative Degree of blue:

  • The sky on a clear day is the bluest.
  • This painting has the bluest shades of blue.
  • The ocean view from the hilltop is the bluest.
  • The eyes of the little girl are the bluest I’ve seen.
  • The flag’s bluest stripe represents loyalty.
  • The artist’s masterpiece showcases the bluest hues.
  • The clear lake reflects the bluest sky.
  • The mountain range looks the bluest in the distance.
  • The gemstone in her necklace is the bluest sapphire.
  • The morning sky’s bluest color brings a sense of calm.

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