3 Degrees of Clean, Comparative Degree of Clean, Superlative Degree of Clean

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Clean

The comparative degree of clean is cleaner and the Superlative degree of clean is cleanest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for clean.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Clean cleaner cleanest

Examples Using Positive Degree of clean:

  • The kitchen was spotless and clean after she finished cooking.
  • He always keeps his workspace neat and clean.
  • The hotel room was impeccably clean with fresh linens.
  • She scrubbed the bathroom until it was sparkling clean.
  • The laundry smelled fresh and clean after being washed.
  • The floors were polished and clean to perfection.
  • The air in the room felt crisp and clean thanks to the air purifier.
  • The car’s interior was tidy and clean with no clutter.
  • She took pride in her clean and organized closet.
  • The swimming pool water was crystal clear and clean.

Example Using Comparative Degree of clean:

  • Her house is cleaner than anyone else’s in the neighborhood.
  • The hotel room she booked was much cleaner than the previous one.
  • He washed the dishes even cleaner than she expected.
  • The new vacuum cleaner leaves the carpets looking cleaner.
  • Her laundry detergent promises to make clothes cleaner than ever before.
  • The office building was kept cleaner than any other in the area.
  • The new cleaning product is said to be even cleaner and more effective.
  • The maid service did an exceptional job, making the house cleaner than ever.
  • The upgraded dishwasher gets dishes cleaner in less time.
  • The car wash left the vehicle looking much cleaner and shinier.

Example Using Superlative Degree of clean:

  • Her kitchen is the cleanest one I’ve ever seen.
  • The hotel prides itself on having the cleanest rooms in the city.
  • His laundry detergent claims to be the cleanest on the market.
  • The hospital maintains the cleanest environment to prevent infections.
  • The dry cleaner is known for providing the cleanest clothes in town.
  • The laboratory follows strict protocols to ensure the cleanest conditions.
  • The new cleaning product promises to deliver the cleanest surfaces.
  • She received an award for having the cleanest and most organized workspace.
  • The swimming pool was certified as the cleanest in the region.
  • The restaurant kitchen is known for its cleanest rating from health inspectors.

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