3 Degrees of Bold, Comparative Degree of Bold, Superlative Degree of Bold

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Bold

Comparative degree of bold is bolder and Superlative degree of bold is boldest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for bold.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Bold bolder boldest

Examples Using Positive Degree of bold:

  • Her outfit choice was bold and eye-catching.
  • The company took a bold step to expand internationally.
  • He gave a bold presentation to impress the clients.
  • The font used in the advertisement is bold.
  • The decision to change careers was bold but necessary.
  • The painting has a bold use of colors.
  • The politician made a bold statement during the debate.
  • The new logo has a bold and modern design.
  • The book cover features a bold and intriguing image.
  • She walked into the room with a bold confidence.

Example Using Comparative Degree of bold:

  • Her fashion choices are getting bolder each day.
  • The new marketing strategy is bolder than the previous one.
  • He delivered a bolder speech to capture attention.
  • The font in the heading is bolder than the body text.
  • The decision to invest in the stock market is bolder.
  • The colors used in the artwork are bolder and more vibrant.
  • The politician’s statements are becoming bolder.
  • The logo redesign features a bolder and sleeker design.
  • The new edition of the book has a bolder cover.
  • Her voice grew bolder as she gained confidence.

Example Using Superlative Degree of bold:

  • Her fashion sense is the boldest among her friends.
  • The company’s decision to expand globally was the boldest.
  • He gave the boldest speech of the conference.
  • The font in the heading is the boldest on the page.
  • The investment strategy they implemented was the boldest.
  • The colors used in the artwork are the boldest and most vibrant.
  • The politician’s statement was the boldest of all.
  • The new logo design is the boldest and most modern.
  • The book cover stands out as the boldest on the shelf.
  • Her actions showed the boldest determination.

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