3 Degrees of Dumb, Comparative Degree of Dumb, Superlative Degree of Dumb

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Dumb

Comparative degree of dumb is dumber and Superlative degree of dumb is dumbest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for dumb.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Dumb dumber dumbest

Examples Using Positive Degree of Dumb:

  • He gave a dumb answer to the question.
  • The decision he made was dumb, lacking logic.
  • The movie had a dumb plot with no substance.
  • She made a dumb mistake that cost her the game.
  • His comment was dumb, showing a lack of understanding.
  • The choice they made was dumb, disregarding the consequences.
  • The argument he presented was dumb, lacking coherence.
  • The action he took was dumb, without considering the risks.
  • The joke he told was dumb, not eliciting any laughter.
  • The idea she proposed was dumb, not feasible in reality.

Example Using Comparative Degree of Dumb:

  • His response was dumber than expected.
  • The solution they offered was dumber than the problem itself.
  • The character’s decision in the sequel was dumber than in the first movie.
  • The second plan was dumber than the initial one.
  • His explanation became dumber as he continued speaking.
  • The alternative approach seemed dumber after analyzing it.
  • The argument he presented was dumber than previous discussions.
  • The action taken that day was dumber than any previous mistake.
  • The joke he told was dumber than the one before.
  • The idea she shared was dumber than other suggestions.

Example Using Superlative Degree of Dumb:

  • That was the dumbest response I’ve ever heard.
  • The decision they made was the dumbest of all.
  • The plot twist in the movie was the dumbest part.
  • His action that day was the dumbest move he could have made.
  • The comment she made was the dumbest thing she could have said.
  • The plan they proposed was the dumbest option available.
  • The argument presented was the dumbest one in the discussion.
  • The action taken was the dumbest choice they could have opted for.
  • The joke he shared was the dumbest attempt at humor.
  • The idea she suggested was the dumbest notion proposed.

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