20 Example of Adjective Words

20 Example of Adjective Words

20 adjectives words

Adjectives are great descriptive words. They can make writing more interesting and give the reader a better picture of what is happening.

Here is an example of how adjectives can be used in a sentence.

  • The crowd was electric with anticipation as the light show began.


  • The electric crowd was full of anticipation for the light show.

In the first sentence, you can feel the excitement in the air. In the second sentence, all you get is people who are excited which doesn’t quite have the same effect. Adjectives help to create images in our minds and make writing more interesting overall!

Here is the examples list of 20 adjectives words:

  1. good
  2. bad
  3. happy
  4. sad
  5. excited
  6. energetic
  7. peaceful
  8. rowdy
  9. loud
  10. soft
  11. bright
  12. dark
  13. positive
  14. negative
  15. big
  16. small
  17. new
  18. old
  19. happy
  20. sad

20 Adjectives Words in Sentences

1) The new car was big and beautiful.

2) The old car was small and rusty.

3) The happy dog wagged its tail energetically.

4) The sad cat hid under the bed.

5) The excited children ran around in circles.

6) The peaceful garden was a welcome respite from the city noise.

7) The noisy party was a nightmare for the neighbors.

8) The soft blanket felt luxurious against my skin.

9) The bright sun hurt my eyes.

10) The dark night was spooky.

11) The positive outlook on life is refreshing.

12) The negative attitude is draining.

13) Big Ben is a beautiful and imposing sight.

14) The small room was cramped and uncomfortable.

15) The new bride looked glamorous in her white dress.

16) The old woman was wrinkled and saggy.

17) The happy couple danced the night away.

18) The sad victim recounted her story.

19) The excited witnesses shared their stories.

20) The jurors were engaged and attentive.