3 Degrees of Bloody, Comparative Degree of Bloody, Superlative Degree of Bloody

Comparative and Superlative Degree of Bloody

The comparative degree of bloody is bloodier and Superlative degree of bloody is bloodiest.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Bloody bloodier bloodiest

Example Sentences Using Positive Degree of Bloody:

  1. His hand was covered in bloody cuts.
  2. The butcher’s apron was stained with bloody marks.
  3. She had a bloody nose after the accident.
  4. The battlefield was filled with bloody wounds.
  5. The horror movie had plenty of bloody scenes.
  6. The surgeon’s gloves were soaked in bloody fluids.
  7. The crime scene was marked by bloody footprints.
  8. He had a bloody lip from the fight.
  9. The chef accidentally cut his finger, leaving a bloody trail.
  10. The boxer emerged from the ring with a bloody face.

Example Sentences Using Comparative Degree of Bloody:

  1. The wound looked bloodier than before.
  2. Her shirt was bloodier than the rest.
  3. The accident scene was bloodier than expected.
  4. The fight became bloodier as it went on.
  5. The horror movie’s sequel was even bloodier than the original.
  6. The battlefield was bloodier than any of them had anticipated.
  7. His nosebleed was bloodier than usual.
  8. The crime scene became bloodier as more evidence was discovered.
  9. The aftermath of the accident grew bloodier with each passing minute.
  10. The butcher’s apron was bloodier than ever after a long day.

Example Sentences Using Superlative Degree of Bloody:

  1. The massacre was the bloodiest in history.
  2. His injuries were the bloodiest among the survivors.
  3. The horror movie won the award for the bloodiest film of the year.
  4. The battle resulted in the bloodiest casualties the country had seen.
  5. The crime scene investigation revealed it to be the bloodiest murder case.
  6. The surgery was the bloodiest procedure the doctor had performed.
  7. The accident was the bloodiest the town had ever witnessed.
  8. The butcher’s apron was considered the bloodiest in the market.
  9. The crime scene became the bloodiest the detectives had encountered.
  10. The boxing match ended as the bloodiest in the sport’s history.

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