3 Degrees of Classy, Comparative Degree of Classy, Superlative Degree of Classy

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Comparative and Superlative Degree of Classy

Comparative degree of classy is classier and Superlative degree of classy is classiest. Here is the comparative and superlative degree for classy.

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Classy classier classiest

Examples Using Positive Degree of classy:

  • She wore a classy black dress to the party.
  • The restaurant had a classy ambiance with dimmed lights.
  • His classy car turned heads as he drove by.
  • The hotel room was decorated in a classy and sophisticated style.
  • The actress looked stunning in her classy red carpet-gown.
  • The jewelry she wore was elegant and classy.
  • The event was a classy affair with live music and fine dining.
  • He impressed everyone with his classy manners and polite conversation.
  • The designer’s collection was full of classy and timeless pieces.
  • The club had a classy VIP section for its exclusive members.

Example Using Comparative Degree of classy:

  • Her outfit was classier than anyone else’s at the party.
  • The new restaurant in town is even classier than the one we usually go to.
  • The luxury yacht was much classier than any other boat in the marina.
  • She upgraded to a classier apartment with better amenities.
  • The evening gown she wore to the gala was even classier than her previous one.
  • The hotel’s executive suite was classier than the standard rooms.
  • The new nightclub in the city is said to be classier than the existing ones.
  • The restaurant’s new menu is even classier with gourmet options.
  • The celebrity’s party was held in a much classier venue this time.
  • The fashion show featured classier designs compared to the previous year.

Example Using Superlative Degree of classy:

  • She has the classiest wardrobe I’ve ever seen.
  • The hotel’s penthouse suite is the classiest accommodation they offer.
  • The award ceremony was held in the classiest venue in the city.
  • His watch collection is known to be one of the classiest in the world.
  • The actress was voted as the classiest celebrity of the year.
  • The event was attended by some of the classiest people in town.
  • The restaurant received the title of the classiest dining establishment.
  • The fashion designer’s latest collection is considered the classiest of all.
  • The car she drives is regarded as the classiest vehicle on the market.
  • The charity ball was organized in the classiest manner possible.

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