Zoo Plural, What is the Plural of Zoo?

Meaning: an establishment that maintains a collection of wild animals

Singular and Plural of Zoo

Singular Plural
zoo zoos

Zoo as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The children eagerly explored the exhibits at the local zoo.
  2. The zookeeper fed the lions their daily meals.
  3. The zoo offered educational programs to teach visitors about wildlife conservation.
  4. The zoogoers admired the colorful feathers of tropical birds.
  5. The zoo hosted a special event where visitors could interact with baby animals.
  6. The nocturnal animals were kept in a special section of the zoo.
  7. The zoo was closed for renovations to improve animal habitats.
  8. The zoo provided a safe haven for endangered species.
  9. The tourists took pictures of the majestic elephants at the zoo.
  10. The zoo celebrated the birth of a rare white tiger cub.

Zoo as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The children were excited to visit different zoos during their summer vacation.
  2. The family planned a road trip to visit multiple zoos across the country.
  3. The zoos worked together to exchange animals for breeding programs.
  4. The conservation organization funded projects to support wildlife conservation in various zoos.
  5. The zoos implemented strict safety protocols to protect both visitors and animals.
  6. The animal rights activists protested outside the zoos to advocate for improved living conditions.
  7. The network of affiliated zoos collaborated on research and conservation efforts.
  8. The zoos offered guided tours to educate visitors about endangered species.
  9. The documentary showcased the diverse habitats recreated in different zoos.
  10. The group of friends visited all the major zoos in the region in a single weekend.

Singular Possessive of Zoo 

The singular possessive form of “Zoo” is “Zoo’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Zoo:

  1. The children enjoyed the zoo’s interactive exhibits.
  2. The zookeeper fed the animals in the zoo’s menagerie.
  3. The educator organized school trips to the zoo’s educational center.
  4. The director oversaw the operations of the zoo’s various departments.
  5. The veterinarian cared for the health of the animals in the zoo’s clinic.
  6. The visitors marveled at the diversity of species in the zoo’s collection.
  7. The conservationist collaborated with the zoo’s wildlife preservation efforts.
  8. The photographer captured stunning images of the zoo’s inhabitants.
  9. The scientist conducted research on animal behavior in the zoo’s controlled environment.
  10. The administration ensured the zoo’s compliance with safety regulations.

Plural Possessive of Zoo 

The plural possessive form of “Zoo” is “Zoos'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Zoo:

  1. The directors of different zoos’ shared best practices in a conference.
  2. The visitors compared the exhibits in various zoos’.
  3. The volunteers contributed to the conservation efforts of multiple zoos’.
  4. The educators collaborated to develop educational programs across different zoos’.
  5. The researchers studied the impact of zoos’ on wildlife conservation.
  6. The architects designed innovative enclosures for different zoos’.
  7. The Societies for the Protection of animals supported the initiatives of local zoos’.
  8. The media covered news stories related to the challenges faced by zoos’ worldwide.
  9. The zoologists shared their expertise through workshops conducted in different zoos’.
  10. The policymakers recognized the contribution of zoos’ to education and awareness.

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