Negro Plural, What is the Plural of Negro?

Meaning: a place person

Singular and Plural of Negro

Singular Plural
negro Negroes/ Negros

Negro as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Historical documents used the term Negro for African Americans.
  2. The artist depicted the struggles of Negro community in paintings.
  3. Negro leaders advocated for civil rights and equality.
  4. Literature class analyzed works by prominent Negroes.
  5. Documentary shed light on the contributions of Negro musicians.
  6. Negro athletes broke barriers and became inspirations.
  7. The museum curated an exhibit on the history of Negro slavery.
  8. Negro population shaped the nation’s culture.
  9. The professor discussed the impact of migration on Negro community.
  10. The civil rights movement fought for the rights of Negro citizens.

Negro as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The museum showcased the achievements of prominent Negroes.
  2. The contributions of Negroes to arts were significant.
  3. Civil rights activists paved the way for future Negroes.
  4. The literature course explored the works of various Negroes.
  5. The documentary highlighted the struggles faced by Negroes.
  6. Negroes in the community organized events to celebrate heritage.
  7. University offered scholarships for Negroes pursuing education.
  8. The exhibit showcased the cultural heritage of African Americans or Negroes.
  9. Film honored the achievements of remarkable Negroes.
  10. The museum hosted a panel discussion on the contributions of Negroes.

Singular Possessive of Negro 

The singular possessive form of “Negro” is “Negro’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Negro:

  1. Negro’s contribution to civil rights cannot be ignored.
  2. I admire Negro’s resilience in the face of adversity.
  3. The book tells the story of Negro’s struggles and triumphs.
  4. Negro’s perspective on the issue is worth considering.
  5. We should respect Negro’s cultural heritage and history.
  6. Negro’s influence on art and music is significant.
  7. Negro’s achievements paved the way for equality.
  8. The documentary explores Negro’s impact on society.
  9. I appreciate Negro’s efforts to promote inclusivity.
  10. The museum exhibits celebrate Negro’s achievements.

Plural Possessive of Negro 

The plural possessive form of “Negro” is “Negroes'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Negro:

  1. The stories of Negroes’ struggles need to be heard.
  2. Negroes’ contributions to society are invaluable.
  3. We should learn from Negroes’ experiences and history.
  4. The achievements of Negroes’ leaders inspire us.
  5. Negroes’ resilience in the face of discrimination is admirable.
  6. The rights of Negroes’ should be protected.
  7. Negroes’ voices deserve to be amplified and respected.
  8. We should honor Negroes’ legacy and progress.
  9. The community celebrates Negroes’ culture and heritage.
  10. The struggles of Negroes’ paved the way for equality.

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