Wood Plural, What is the Plural of Wood?

Meaning: timber, plank

Singular and Plural of Wood

Singular Plural
wood woods

Wood as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The carpenter crafted a beautiful table from a solid piece of wood.
  2. The burning wood crackled in the fireplace, warming the room.
  3. The sculptor carved an intricate statue out of a block of wood.
  4. The old house had a charming wood-paneled interior.
  5. The smell of freshly cut wood filled the workshop.
  6. The furniture was made of high-quality mahogany wood.
  7. The floorboards creaked under the weight of the heavy wood.
  8. The violin had a rich and resonant sound due to its maple wood.
  9. The ancient shipwreck was preserved by the saltwater and petrified wood.
  10. The cabinet was constructed using reclaimed barn wood.

Wood as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The construction workers unloaded bundles of woods for the project.
  2. The carpenters sourced different types of woods for their designs.
  3. The loggers harvested sustainable woods from managed forests.
  4. The cabinetmakers carefully selected the finest exotic woods.
  5. The craftsmen polished the finished furniture pieces made of various woods.
  6. The artist used recycled pallet woods to create unique sculptures.
  7. The shelves were filled with books bound in leather and adorned with ornate woods.
  8. The floor was covered with interlocking woods to create a beautiful pattern.
  9. The company specialized in manufacturing custom-made furniture from reclaimed woods.
  10. The antique dealer had a collection of rare and valuable woods.

Singular Possessive of Wood 

The singular possessive form of “Wood” is “Wood’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Wood:

  1. Wood’s bark was rough and weathered.
  2. The table was made from wood’s finest oak.
  3. She admired the beauty of wood’s natural grain.
  4. Wood’s durability makes it an ideal building material.
  5. The carpenter carefully crafted wood’s intricate details.
  6. The craftsman polished wood’s surface to a smooth shine.
  7. The cabin’s walls were adorned with wood’s warm tones.
  8. The scent of wood’s fresh pine filled the room.
  9. Wood’s versatility allows for various artistic creations.
  10. The fireplace crackled and popped, radiating wood’s cozy warmth.

Plural Possessive of Wood 

The plural possessive form of “Wood” is “Woods'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Wood:

  1. The tables were built from reclaimed woods’ diverse species.
  2. The sculptures showcased the beauty of different woods’ textures.
  3. The carpenter sourced various woods’ colors for the project.
  4. The shelves displayed a collection of woods’ unique grains.
  5. The cabinetry featured woods’ natural patterns.
  6. The floors were made from reclaimed woods’ rich history.
  7. The craftsman carefully combined the woods’ contrasting hues.
  8. The aroma of different woods’ filled the workshop.
  9. The deck was constructed using sustainable woods’ resources.
  10. The carvings highlighted the elegance of exotic woods’.

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