Orange Plural, What is the Plural of Orange?

Meaning: orange colour

Plural of Orange

Singular Plural
orange oranges

Orange as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I ate an orange for breakfast this morning.
  2. She peeled the orange with her fingers.
  3. The fresh scent of an orange filled the room.
  4. He squeezed the orange to extract the juice.
  5. I love the tangy taste of an orange.
  6. The bright color of the orange caught my attention.
  7. Can you pass me that juicy orange?
  8. I need to buy an orange from the grocery store.
  9. The skin of the orange was easy to peel.
  10. An orange contains essential vitamins and minerals.

Orange as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I bought a bag of oranges from the market.
  2. They shared a bowl of freshly picked oranges.
  3. The children enjoyed eating the juicy oranges.
  4. She squeezed the juice out of the ripe oranges.
  5. The grocery store had a sale on oranges.
  6. We need to buy more oranges for the fruit salad.
  7. The box was filled with ripe, juicy oranges.
  8. They used the zest of the oranges to flavor the cake.
  9. We picked the ripe oranges from the tree.
  10. I always have a bowl of oranges on my kitchen counter.

Singular Possessive of Orange:

  1. The sweetness of the orange’s juice was refreshing.
  2. The aroma of the orange’s peel filled the room.
  3. The chef added a twist of the orange’s zest to the recipe.
  4. The color of the orange’s flesh was vibrant.
  5. The tree’s branches were laden with orange’s fruit.
  6. The market displayed an array of orange’s varieties.
  7. The juice of the orange’s squeezed citrus burst with flavor.
  8. The child enjoyed the orange’s tangy taste.
  9. The farmer harvested the orange’s crop with care.
  10. The painter used the orange’s hue to add warmth to the artwork.

Plural Possessive of Oranges:

  1. The grocery store stocked various oranges’ types.
  2. The vendors sold bags of oranges’ ripe fruit.
  3. The recipe called for the zest of several oranges’.
  4. The juice stand offered freshly squeezed oranges’ drinks.
  5. The plantation boasted acres of oranges’ trees.
  6. The basket overflowed with bright oranges’ colors.
  7. The citrus grove showcased the beauty of ripe oranges’.
  8. The desserts were garnished with slices of oranges’.
  9. The aroma of freshly peeled oranges’ filled the air.
  10. The growers took pride in their bountiful harvest of oranges’.

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