Ellipse Plural, What is the Plural of Ellipse?

Meaning: a regular oval shape.

Plural of Ellipse

Singular Plural
Ellipse Ellipses


  • arc
  • circle
  • circuit
  • circumference
  • arch
  • contour
  • catenary
  • chord
  • loop
  • trajectory

Ellipse as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The artist drew a perfect ellipse on the canvas.
  2. The mathematician explained the properties of an ellipse.
  3. The astronomer observed the orbit of a planet as an ellipse.
  4. The architect incorporated an ellipse into the building’s design.
  5. The student learned to calculate the area of an ellipse.
  6. The engineer used an ellipse as the shape for the new bridge.
  7. The designer created a stunning necklace with an ellipse
  8. The athlete followed the path of an ellipse during the race.
  9. The geologist studied the formation of an ellipse in the rock layers.
  10. The professor discussed the historical significance of the ellipse.

Ellipse as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The artist drew multiple ellipses to create a pattern.
  2. The mathematician studied the properties of different ellipses.
  3. The astronomer observed the movements of several planets as ellipses.
  4. The architects incorporated various ellipses into their designs.
  5. The students calculated the areas of several ellipses in their geometry class.
  6. The engineers designed a series of bridges with unique ellipses.
  7. The designers showcased a collection of jewelry with intricate ellipses.
  8. The athletes followed different paths that resembled ellipses during the race.
  9. The geologists discovered multiple ellipses in the rock formations.
  10. The professors presented research papers on different aspects of ellipses.

Singular Possessive of Ellipse

The singular possessive form of “Ellipse” is “Ellipse’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Ellipse:

  1. The ellipse’s shape is smooth and symmetrical.
  2. Can you draw the ellipse’s outline on the paper?
  3. The ellipse’s curve is aesthetically pleasing.
  4. The ellipse’s focal points are equally distant.
  5. I need to measure the ellipse’s major and minor axes.
  6. The ellipse’s equation represents an elongated circle.
  7. Can you calculate the ellipse’s area and perimeter?
  8. The ellipse’s proportions are visually appealing.
  9. The ellipse’s symmetry creates a sense of balance.
  10. Please label the ellipse’s center and vertices.

Plural Possessive of Ellipse

The plural possessive form of “Ellipse” is “Ellipses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Ellipse:

  1. The ellipses’ shapes vary in size and orientation.
  2. Can you draw the ellipses’ outlines accurately?
  3. The ellipses’ dimensions differ from one another.
  4. Please measure the major axes of the ellipses’.
  5. The ellipses’ focal points should be marked precisely.
  6. Can you calculate the areas of the ellipses’?
  7. The ellipses’ curves create an elegant pattern.
  8. Please identify the ellipses’ centers and radii.
  9. The ellipses’ orientations add depth to the artwork.
  10. The ellipses’ symmetry enhances the overall design.

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