Volume Plural, What is the Plural of Volume?

Meaning: a book forming part of a work or series

Plural of Volume

Singular Plural
volume volumes

Volume as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The volume of the music was too loud.
  2. She adjusted the volume of the television.
  3. The volume of traffic increased during rush hour.
  4. The teacher raised her volume to get the students’ attention.
  5. The volume of sales increased significantly this month.
  6. The singer’s powerful voice filled the auditorium with volume.
  7. The amplifier controls the volume of the sound.
  8. The volume of the river rose after heavy rainfall.
  9. Adjust the volume knob to set the desired level of sound.
  10. The concert hall has excellent acoustics and superb volume.

Volume as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The volumes of the encyclopedia covered various subjects.
  2. The library contains numerous reference volumes.
  3. The complete works of Shakespeare are spread across several volumes.
  4. The volumes of the book series sold out quickly.
  5. The historian spent years researching and writing multiple volumes.
  6. The professor published several scholarly volumes on the topic.
  7. The library shelves were filled with volumes of classic literature.
  8. The complete set of Harry Potter books consists of seven volumes.
  9. The encyclopedia set comprised thirty volumes in total.
  10. The author released the second and third volumes of the trilogy.

Singular Possessive of Volume:

  1. The librarian cataloged the volume’s content meticulously.
  2. The scholar referenced the volume’s insightful footnotes.
  3. The reader cherished the volume’s leather-bound cover.
  4. The collector preserved the antique volume’s delicate pages.
  5. The writer researched extensively for the volume’s detailed information.
  6. The publisher released the volume’s second edition.
  7. The historian examined the volume’s historical context.
  8. The critic praised the volume’s comprehensive analysis.
  9. The student borrowed the volume’s reference material for the essay.
  10. The bibliophile added the rare volume’s edition to their collection.

Plural Possessive of Volume:

  1. The librarians cataloged the volumes’ contents meticulously.
  2. The scholars referenced the volumes’ insightful footnotes extensively.
  3. The readers cherished the volumes’ leather-bound covers.
  4. The collectors preserved the antique volumes’ delicate pages carefully.
  5. The writers researched extensively for the volumes’ detailed information.
  6. The publishers released the volumes’ second editions simultaneously.
  7. The historians examined the volumes’ historical contexts thoroughly.
  8. The critics praised the volumes’ comprehensive analyses.
  9. The students borrowed the volumes’ reference materials for their essays.
  10. The bibliophiles added the rare volumes’ editions to their collections.

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